In case you didn’t think Elden Ring was hard enough, a Twitch streamer took on the challenge of beating it with her voice alone.

Streamers have continued to find ways to make beating Elden Ring even harder.

Elden Ring is known for its incredibly punishing gameplay and challenging boss fights. But streamers have been taking the difficulty to the next level by changing the way they play. Recently, MissMikkaa beat Elden Ring using a dance pad. Now, Larxa has answered the call by beating 2022's Game of the Year with just her voice.

Twitch streamer Larxa is a speedrunner that is no stranger to taking gaming to the next level. This time, she decided to play Elden Ring using only her voice to control her character for the entire game. That's about 44 hours of gameplay.

To do this, Larxa used a program called Voice Attack. She set up custom commands, which means commands were triggered by various things she'd yell out.

The incredible moment came when she defeated the final boss during her February 17 stream. It was a rough journey, both for Larxa and her vocal chords. She even had to take breaks from Elden Ring and stream other games to let her voice rest. But she finally got there.

"I beat Elden Ring with my voice. Ayyyy!" she cried out when she won, her voice sounding hoarse.

In her replies on Twitter, Larxa claimed it was "all the potatoes" Belgian people eat that helped fuel her to complete this incredible feat and gaining the title "Throat Lord." It also took the typical "blood, sweat, and tears," she tweeted as people continued to congratulate her.

Some people questioned if she truly used her voice alone to beat Elden Ring. She tweeted that it was truly just her voice. She even used voice commands for the menu. While she admitted it could be "infuriating" at times, Larxa was proud of her accomplishment.

Elden Rings fans will have to wait and see what streamers come up with next to make the game even harder.

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