Street Fighter may be getting a virtual reality game cover image

Street Fighter may be getting a virtual reality game


Recent footage of a virtual reality Street Fighter game have surfaced on the internet. Is it real or just a hoax?

Fans of Street Fighter may be getting an immersive virtual reality (VR) game here pretty soon. The footage was first revealed in Japan, putting fans in anticipation for its official world announcement.

Haven't seen the Street Fighter virtual reality footage yet? Here is a breakdown of the trailer.

Could Street Fighter really be coming to virtual reality sets? Here is a breakdown of the newly released footage

The footage released only showcases two fighters, Ryu and Zangief. It is a minute-long video of both fighters duping it out. There is even footage that shows what it will look like from a player's point of you.

From a first look, it seems that the VR headset's hand controllers will take on the role of the character's fists. This makes for punching as a character's primary move. Whether or not player will be able to do other moves, such as kicking, is unknown.

Ryu Street Fighter VR via Eventhubs
Ryu Street Fighter VR via Eventhubs

We also see what looks to be specific hitboxes that players will want to aim for. The video shows a specific moment where a fist shows up on the other player's abdomen, directing the player to punch there.

Is this just a regular move? Or could it be some sort of combo attack?

Still, the game seems to feature unique fighting techniques that will have all Street Fighter fans hyped to play.

When will the VR Street Fighter game be released?

As of now, there is absolutely no information on when the game will be released. As far as we know, it could be in the very early stages of development.

Street Fighter VR Ryu via Eventhubs
Street Fighter VR Ryu via Eventhubs

Regardless, the fact that it has surfaced in Japan should leave fans hopeful. The game could get its world premiere trailer at any moment.

Street Fighter 6 is also set to release later in 2023, so this may be the perfect announcement to go along with the highly anticipated game.

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