The Finals 2.6.0 update is here and we’ve got the lengthy patch notes for you, so you know what has changed when you jump into the arena.

The Finals Season 2 is moving along, and we've reached the middle of it. Embark Studios continues to frequently update the game, this time with The Finals 2.6.0. It delivers a ton of changes and tweaks, indicated within the patch notes.

The biggest of these is perhaps the addition of a new mode, Terminal Attack. And the shortening of ranked tournaments. Less rounds and less players should hopefully create quicker matchmaking for those still invested in the FPS.

You can read the patch notes from Embark Studios, or read on as we've got them in full for The Finals 2.6.0.

The Finals 2.6.0 patch notes

(Image via Embark Studios)
(Image via Embark Studios)

Here are the patch notes for The Finals 2.6.0 update, which includes some nerfs, some buffs, and ranked tournament information.

Balance Changes


  • Barricade
    • Increased the size of the Barricade by 20%
  • Glitch Grenade
    • Update glitch effect so that it will now pass through Mesh Shields and Dome Shields 
  • Stun Gun
    • Increased the Stun Gun projectile’s maximum travel distance from 12m to 16m
    • Players who are stunned can now use their Specializations and Gadgets while stunned
    • Players who are stunned can now aim down sights while stunned
    • Players who are stunned can now crouch
  • Vanishing Bomb
    • Decreased the impact of the cloaking effect on the Vanishing Bomb, so affected players are slightly easier to see when moving


  • Monaco: Power Shift
    • Tweaked the traversal options between Villas and Park for easier access to rooftops
    • Minor adjustments to the spawn points around the Forest and Royal Plaza areas to provide a clearer frontline during the final stretch
    • Slightly adjusted the path of the platform to fix some clipping issues and make it more accessible on the road between Shopping District and Forest


  • Cloaking Device
    • Decreased the impact of the cloaking effect so that cloaked players are slightly easier to see when they are moving


  • FCAR
    • Decreased damage from 25 to 22
    • Increased magazine size from 20 to 25
    • Increased the fall-off damage multiplier at max range from 50% to 55%, meaning the weapon does slightly more damage at range

Content and Bug Fixes


  • New intro and idle animation added for Dagger and Sword 
  • Swapping items when quick meleeing will now instantly cancel the quick melee animation
  • Fixing an issue preventing hand gestures from playing for dual-wield items


  • Increased priority of enemy footsteps, and tweaked attenuation and occlusion to make them easier to hear.
  • Tweaked loudness of dematerialize and rematerialize sounds

Battle Pass

  • Added two bonus pages of rewards to the end of the Battle Pass – good luck contestants!


  • Fixed an issue where the fur on the bunny outfit was flickering when viewed at close distances
  • Fixed an issue where players did not get the default outfit when creating a new contestant

Controller Gyro Aiming

  • Moved gyro aiming options to a separate tab in the settings menu.
  • Made general improvements to the responsiveness and precision of gyro aiming controls.
  • The "gyro orientation" setting now has three modes:
    • World (New) - Rotation is based on the controller's rotational movement in the world
    • Local - Rotation is locally read from the controller's point of view
    • Player (Previously World) - Rotation is based on the controller's rotational movement from a player perspective
  • Vertical gyro sensitivity is now an absolute value, rather than based on a ratio of the horizontal sensitivity
  • Added a new setting that enables focal length scaling for gyro aiming, which scales sensitivity based on changes in FOV, making scoped weapons more precise
  • Added options for inverting each gyro axis individually
  • Added new settings for gyro acceleration, which increases sensitivity the faster the controller rotates, allowing for sharp turns while maintaining precision for small and steady adjustments
  • Add a new ‘flick stick’ mechanic that can be enabled with gyro, which changes the functionality of the look stick so that you can quickly snap to face any direction
  • Added the following optional controller binds:
    • Reset vertical rotation (necessary when playing with flick stick)
    • Toggle gyro aiming (On/Off)
    • Disable gyro aiming (Hold)


  • Flashbang
    • Fixed an issue where weak flashes could overwrite strong flashes
  • Fixed an issue where Grenades, Mines, and C4s with default customization sometimes got a random customization applied
  • Fixed an issue where spectators could trigger mines
  • Fixed several issues where it looked like the player could place an object but no object appeared
  • Fixed an issue where the preview arc showed the in-air detonation effect on grenades that don't actually detonate on a timer

Game Modes

  • Power Shift
    • Added Seoul to the map pool


  • Reduced graphical Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) artifacts on consoles


  • General
    • Adjusted collision on some bushes to improve interactions with placeable jump-pads
    • Fixed an issue where Zipline Cables did not break correctly when intersecting certain objects
    • Reduced the intensity of some of the interior colors

Private Matches

  • Lowered the requirement to start private matches to 2 players
  • The private match lobby creator now has the option to opt out of participating in the match
  • The private match lobby creator can now kick players from the lobby
  • Minor UI improvements to the private matches screen
  • Power Shift is now available in private matches

Ranked Tournaments

  • Reduced Ranked Tournaments size from 48 to 24 players
  • Reduced Ranked Tournament duration from four rounds to three, to account for the change in the number of players
  • Increased the speed at which visible league rankings synchronize with SBMM ratings
  • Improved matchmaking to closer matchmake player within their league rank
  • Added an indicator in the league overview screen to show your change in rank progression from the last tournament you participated in


  • Add a link to the Embark Portal in the system menu


  • Fixed an issue where turrets lost targeting on players with riot shield
  • Fixed an issue where turrets would fall through buildings and not rotate when landing


  • Fixed three of the most common crashes
  • Fix for being able to close the "Compiling shaders" screen resulting in a softlock


  • Players can now purchase single items within a Bundle
  • There’s now an equip button in the store rewards screen


  • We have added a score log to display more scoring events in all different game-modes
  • Various playertag marker changes
    • Playertags now show distance to you
    • Playertags in-game are now uppercase
    • There’s now an effect on in-game healthbars to indicate healing
  • Fixed an issue in Game Summary where you could see duplicate stats for the same player
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Contracts' tab could faultily be accessed from the Battle Pass screen
  • Fixed an issue where the camera could be misplaced after inspecting rewards in the circuit screen
  • Polished and refined how pings are visualized in-game
    • Ping-icons are now smaller and will scale depending on their screen-centeredness
    • Pings, team health bars and objective icons now fade out when they come closer to the center of the screen
    • Off-screen enemy pings now behave like other off-screen icons and hug the screen edge closest to the pinged location. (Was previously not visible when off-screen)
    • Fixing bug where spectating players wouldn’t fade icons when the spectated player enters aim-down-sights
  • Voice lines for the default ping (when you ping a random location with no object attached to it) have been updated to be more consistent. Previously it would use “I will…” and “We should…” intermittently
    • In general, pinging something will now ask your allies to engage with that object, while pinging the ground will announce your own intention to move there
  • Updated options in the Contextual Ping menu
    • “Huddle here” changed to “Group up,” with all new voice lines
    • “Moving here” changed to “Go here,” using more consistent voice lines
  • Fixed an issue where you didn’t go to the correct page in the Battlepass from the outfit screen
  • Fix rare instances where first-person animations such as, reloads, inspects, and deploys could not be changed through customization
  • Added the ability to track contracts with a right click on the circuits screen
  • Fix for showing a single item rarity in the UI when previewing out of a bundle instead of the bundle rarity
  • Hit-indicator now differentiates damage from these types of attack
    • Long range damage
    • Short range damage
    • Melee damage


  • Polished the grappling hook wire animation.


  • Improved melee aim assistance so that it not only looks for targets when the attack is initiated by the player, but also validates that they are still correct at the time aim correction is applied. This should reduce the number of occasions where melee attacks could pull the player away from a target

Security and Anti-Cheat

  • Added a requirement to have Secure Boot enabled for certain players
  • Several new suspension rules based on anomaly detection
  • Added suspension rule for using Aimbot
  • General improvements and fixes

And that'll do it for The Finals 2.6.0 patch notes. That's a lot to take in. Since release, the team has clearly been focused on a balanced and fun title. Hopefully The Finals 2.6.0 update will deliver the excitement needed for some players to return to the game.

Stay tuned to for more esports news and The Finals coverage.