Terminal Attack is a brand-new mode in The Finals that puts teams of five against each other in an attack-and-defend setting.

The Finals has always been about its teams of three jumping into the contest, winning tournaments by cashing out vaults. That is until it introduced some solo modes and its first 5v5 mode Power Shift. Now, another 5v5 mode comes to The Finals known as Terminal Attack.

It seems that more team-on-team modes are in store for Embark Studios' first-person shooter. As Terminal Attack delivers the classic attack-and-defend style titles such as VALORANT, Counter-Strike, and even Call of Duty have employed.

Let's go over everything there is to know about this new mode.

What is Terminal Attack in The Finals?

Embark Studios premiered a video on their YouTube channel that gave us a look at Terminal Attack in The Finals. The details are all there. Attackers must deliver a decryption key to a terminal, while defenders must do their best to stop them.

Terminal Attack is a best-of-seven mode, with teams swapping sides each round. There are no healing abilities, no chances to revive, and every player has just one life. The arena stays in whatever state you left it in when a new round begins, and the terminal spawns in a new location.

This adds yet another layer to the competitive gameplay of The Finals, so here's hoping it takes off.

When does the new mode release?

(Image via Embark Studios)
(Image via Embark Studios)

If you want to jump into Terminal Attack in The Finals, you don't have to wait long. It arrives within Season 2, which is currently under way, filled with a new Battle Pass and other in-game content to enjoy.

An update goes live on May 2, 2024. Expect some tweaks to balance the game, but also get ready for the introduction of Terminal Attack. Gather up your squad and get ready to control the terminal.

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