A new patch is out for The Finals, as update 2.5.0 brings some much-needed adjustments to some of the game’s items.

Embark Studios continues to keep their players in mind. They've done everything they can to ensure The Finals remains a balanced game, and that has happened once more with update 2.5.0.

The patch is not as large as some we've seen in the past, but it is definitely going to change the meta. Update 2.5.0 brings tweaks to several gadgets, specializations, and weapons.

Everything in The Finals update 2.5.0

The Finals update 2.5.0 focuses on balancing the game. Embark Studios has noticed several items that could perform better or are performing a bit too well and need to be nerfed. Here's what they tweaked:


  • Data Reshaper
    • Range increased from 5m to 15m
    • Target FOV decreased from 25 degrees to 12 degrees
      • Meant to account for the increased range
  • Stun Gun
    • No actual changes yet, but a dev note stating the team is aware of frustrations surrounding the gadget, and more testing will ensure the right update can be made prior to 2.6


(Image via Embark Studios)
(Image via Embark Studios)
  • Cloaking Device
    • Increased activation cost from 14.2% to 33%
      • Maximum sustain time remains unchanged, but makes the Cloaking Device drain faster when toggling it on and off frequently
      • Changes are coming in terms of cloaked player visibility, but expect those with the 2.6 update for The Finals
  • Mesh Shield
    • Decreased health from 1000 to 750


  • KS-23
    • Bullet dispersion reduced when jumping, sprinting, or zoomed in, to make the weapon more accurate

Security updates in The Finals 2.5.0 patch

This isn't as detailed as it could be, but there are some security updates for The Finals 2.5.0. Here is what Embark Studios has issued:

  • AFK/Idle rule enhancements
  • Added detections for software such as cheat tools and injectors, leading to suspensions

Cheating is not as rampant in The Finals as other games, but it still persists. It's good to see that further programs are now in place to detect cheaters and suspend them from the first-person shooter.

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