Get ready for Glitch Barrels in The Finals after this update.

The Finals continues providing meaningful updates and changes that keep its player base interested and coming back for more. The game's latest, update 2.8.0, looks to continue with this momentum by giving melee weapons a proper tune-up and adding a new carriable item — more on these changes, and the new cosmetics, coming in The Finals update 2.8.0.

(Image via Embark Studios)
(Image via Embark Studios)

The Finals update 2.8.0 patch notes

The Finals update 2.8.0 has the usual array of bug fixes and other small changes. You can view the full patch notes here.
Here are the major takeaways from the patch:

A new carriable object has been added to the Arena: Glitch Barrels

  • Dev note: Glitch barrels are carriable objects. Pick them up and throw them to apply their effect in an area, or shoot them to detonate them from afar. The Glitch barrels apply the same effect as Glitch Grenades, removing the target's ability to use their Gadgets and Specializations.

All Melee Weapons

  • Improved hit validation for all melee weapons
  • There is now a setting for turning melee aim assist on/off in the “Gameplay” section
  • The aim assist and lunge range are slightly more generous for quick melee
  • We have changed the way sprinting gets blocked when attacking with melee weapons and using quick melee, so that sprint is only blocked through parts of a swing, instead of the whole duration of the attack. This is tweaked on a weapon-to-weapon basis
  • The sprint toggle no longer gets canceled by melee attacks, so players don’t have to re-toggle spam to efficiently chase their target while attacking


  • Improved backstab validation
  • Fixed so that the aim assist for backstabs now synchronizes with the swing, rather than triggering at the start of the charge-up.

New Shop Cosmetics

The devs have also released a short video containing some new cosmetics coming to the shop in The Finals update 2.8.0.

These patch notes are live now. Just make sure to install any necessary updates before hopping back in and trying them out. In the meantime, check out our other The Finals coverage, here at!