The Sims are just like us fr.

The Sims 5 has been a major topic of discussion ever since it was announced during the recent Behind the Sims Summit stream. Given the codename Project Rene, Maxis revealed that a new game was going to be out in a few years.

Despite the game being so far in the future, the Sims community has been digging around for more and more information on the long-awaited sequel. A sudden playtest for specific Sims content creators has given some much-needed insight into what's to come.

The newest information is pointing at apartments coming back to The Sims.

The Sims 5 already has apartments

While The Sims 5 is a very early stage of production, developers have already been hard at work creating an advanced customization system. In the Summit, fans got their first glimpse of the exciting new customization options, which allowed for various colors, patterns, and shapes when picking decor and furniture.

Now, insiders have even more information on the early build. An official email from EA Playtest told content creators that they would be able to try out an object customization tool called "Workshop." This tool would allow them to fully customize their décor in an apartment.

This news had people looking back at the Summit announcement. Scrutinizing the customization in the Summit had fans believing that the room in the livestream was an apartment layout. The room is elevated and there appears to be hallways and separate rooms within the floor. Even more telling, the user interface says "apartment selection."

EA also added in the email that players will be able to customize their living space together. It's not yet confirmed if The Sims 5 will have a multiplayer element, but it would make sense if everyone was customizing their own apartment within one large apartment complex.

Apartments are not new to The Sims franchise. There was an Apartment Life Expansion Pack in The Sims 2. Four households could live in a single apartment building. The Sims 3 had apartments in the Late Night Expansion Pack. Then The Sims 4 added apartments in the City Living Expansion Pack along with penthouses.