The next Hearthstone Battlegrounds season will bring a new game-changing mechanic, Anomalies, and here’s everything you need to know.

Blizzard has just announced Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 5, and with that, the introduction of Anomalies. Anomalies are just part of the new content Hearthstone Battlegrounds players will enjoy with the next patch. Tier 7 minions will also enter Bob's Tavern.

Let's go over what's coming with the 27.2 Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch for season 5.

"The champions of Azeroth are gathering for a massive gladiatorial contest over who can win favor with the Titans and their Keepers on Azeroth. Battlegrounds is becoming a battle arena fit for the gods… but it seems a bit of chaos has somehow made it into the competition with the all-new Anomalies system! Is this just another test for Azeroth’s greatest champions, or is something more sinister brewing under the surface?"

Battlegrounds Anomalies

So, what are these new Hearthstone Battlegrounds Anomalies? Anomalies are new custom game rules that affect your entire lobby throughout the game. This means that each game will be different.

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At the start, Hearthstone will introduce 20 different Anomalies to Battlegrounds, but that number will increase with new additions each week! These custom rules will be revealed before Hero selection and will be the same for the 8 players in the lobby.

"Anomalies are new custom game rules that affect your entire lobby throughout the game. These powerful rules adjustments shape the course of the game from the outset, making each game play out completely differently."

New Battlegrounds Tier 7 minions

On top of Anomalies, Battlegrounds players will have access to a new exclusive place in Bob's Tavern, Tier 7. This new Tier will only appear when the Secrets of Norgannon Anomaly is active.

Tier 7 will include some familiar faces and other completely new Battlegrounds minions. In total, there will be 14 different Tier 7 minions, but we only get to see these three for now.

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We will have to wait for the 27.2 Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch notes to discover the rest of the Tier 7 minions, but for those excited about them, remember that they are dependent on the Secrets of Norgannon Anomaly. That being said, this Anomaly will have an increased appearance rate for Battlegrounds players to have plenty of chances of exploring this new territory.

As if Anomalies and Tier 7 minions were not enough, a new Hero is entering Battlegrounds, Thorim, Stormlord. This new character will allow Battlegrounds players to choose a Tier 7 minion, regardless if the Secrets of Norgannon Anomaly is active or not.

As you read, if you pick Thorim in a Battlegrounds lobby without the Norgannon Anomaly, you will be the only player with access to Tier 7 minions!

New Minions and reveals

On top of the new Tier 7 minions, Battlegrounds Season 5 is also bringing other minion changes. In addition to the 20 new Anomalies entering the game, there will be a major minion mix-up with the 27.2 Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch.

  • 49 Minions will leave Battlegrounds
  • 32 New minions will enter Bob's Tavern
  • 12 Minions will make a comeback.

For these reveals, you'll need to tune in to RDU and Slysssa later today and watch out for Hearthstone's social media tomorrow. The rest of the details, including Anomalies and Minions, will come on Thursday with the 27.2 Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch notes. Here's a timeline of what's next in terms of reveals:

  • August 15, 12:00 p.m. PT—RDU reveals Neutrals, Beasts, Mechs, and Elementals
  • August 15, 3:00 p.m. PT—Slysssa reveals Dragons, Undead, Naga, Quilboar, and Murlocs
  • August 16, 10:00 a.m. PT—Hearthstone reveals Dual Type minions
  • August 16, 11:00 a.m. PT—Hearthstone reveals Tier 7 minions
  • August 17—27.2 Patch Notes go live
  • August 22—27.2 Patch goes live

That's all but stay tuned to for more info about the new Battlegrounds Season 5 content featuring these crazy Anomalies. See you next time, in Bob's Tavern.