Blizzard announced the upcoming Fall of Ulduar, Hearthstone Miniset, where Yogg takes the wheel, and Anomalies escape Battlegrounds.

Fall of Ulduar might be the most impactful Hearthstone Miniset ever. The next mini-expansion coming live on September 19, will not only bring 38 new cards but also Anomalies into constructed play.

YES, Yogg-Saron has escaped his prison became a TITAN, Anomalies escaped Bob's Tavern and will be present in Standard, Wild, Tiwst and Arena starting on the 27.4 patch next week.

Hearthstone Miniset & Anomalies

Cho'gall, Yogg-Saron's faithful servant arrives in the Fall of Ulduar Hearthstone miniset to corrupt the game with crazy effects and game rules changes. For the first week after the release of the next Hearthstone miniset, Anomalies will be active in EVERY game, regardless if you include Cho'gall in your deck or not.

After that initial week from September 19 to the 26, Anomalies will have a 25% appearance rate that stacks with Cho'gall's effect. This means that some games might be corrupted by two Anomalies at the same time!

Hearthstone Anomalies from the Fall of Uldar Miniset
Hearthstone Anomalies from the Fall of Uldar Miniset

There will be several different Anomalies coming to the game with the Fall of Ulduar Miniset, but we will need to wait until the 27.4 Hearthstone patch notes to discover them all. The effect of these anomalies will be revealed before the Mulligan phase, but the effect will activate just before the first turn.

How does Cho'gall's corruption work?

The new Fall of Ulduar Legendary will spread Yogg-Saron's RNG as soon as the next Hearthstone Miniset launches. Initially, there will be a period in which games will be corrupted regardless if players are included in the card.

  • September 19-26: Every Standard, Wild, Tiwst and Arena will have Anomalies.
  • From September 26 until the 28.0 patch: 25% of Hearthstone games will have Anomalies.

While this boost celebrating the Miniset ends with the next Hearthstone expansion patch, Anomalies are here to stay with Cho'Gall. This new legendary has a Start of Game effect that will corrupt 25% of the games, adding a random Anomaly.

Hearthstone Fall of Ulduar Miniset

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The full set features 38 new cards with the following rarities:

  • 4 Legendary cards
  • 1 Epic card (2 copies each)
  • 17 Rare cards (2 copies each)
  • 16 Common cards (2 copies each)

Players can obtain these cards through either Festival of Legends card packs or by purchasing the complete set of 72 cards. The regular version of Hearthstone's Fall of Ulduar Miniset costs $15 or 2,000 in-game Gold.

Since 2022, Hearthstone started offering full Golden versions for their Minisets as well. This version costs $70 or 10,000 Gold and on top of the shiny cards, it brings a random Diamond card. Is it true that Golden versions have better RNG?

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