Which players would you like to see DSG pick up in League of Legends?

Disguised Toast may be joining the world of League of Legends sooner than we think. Earlier today on Twitch the popular streamer teased he is looking to start a League of Legends roster. Disguised (DSG), Disguid Toasts' esports organization currently fields a team in VALORANT Challengers, Americas tier two scene.

The content creator sent the North American League of Legends scene into a frenzy after he stated he is looking for the 'best available NA League of Legends player at the moment'. In a time when there is a heavy dark cloud over the LCS and the rest of North America, DSG could be the spark to reignite a struggling region.

Disguised Toast joining League of Legends would be a huge boost in exposure and viewership. DSG in the VALORANT Challengers Split 2 tournament topped the viewing charts with the highest watched match and second highest, both topping 100,000 viewers.

An opportunity for DSG to save a struggling region

North America as a region is suffering right now with on the Rift and off the Rift problems. Earlier in the month seven LCS organizations decided to opt out of the North American Challengers League, citing the financial strain it was having. On top of that, one of the LCS's biggest organizations TSM announced they are going to be leaving North America to compete in another major region.

This is a big opportunity for Disguised Toast, whether that is heading straight into the LCS, or proving his value to the title through a solid NACL team, this is only just the beginning for more influencers to step into the ring. MrBeast has been heavily rumored to be creating a League of Legends team. With so many departures from the NACL, is this the perfect opportunity for new organizations to rise?

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