League of Legends esports avoids a strike as LoL and the LCSPA come to terms on a number of labor-based issues.

North American League of Legends esports has avoided a strike. The players of the LCS Players Association (LCSPA) came to agreement late tonight with publisher Riot Games. The agreement comes just on the edge of an ultimatum placed by the publisher after a players walkout threatened the upcoming LCS Summer Split.

"Concessions were made by Riot and teams to ensure a more sustainable NACL future and a more equitable voice for players in their workplace," said a statement from the LCSPA. More than 90 percent of LCS players voted on the walkout, despite dissenting voices such as famed player DoubleLift.

League of Legends esports strike averted

Rumors of the strike began as far back as May 30 when head of League of Legends esports Naz Aletaha released a statement on the future of the NA scene. Despite giving the LCSPA two weeks to walk back the walkout, Aletaha said "Nothing but putting the best players in North America on the stage at Riot Games Arena is acceptable." At that point a line in the sand appeared: Either the players would come to terms of the Summer Split and NA's chances for a seat at the world title table would come to an end.

The LCSPA announced the full summary of terms agreed to with the publisher:

  • The 10 NACL teams will split three hundred thousand dollars USD for the remainder of the 2023 season to boost player opportunity and pay. Fifty percent of all future NACL sponsorship revenue will now be shared by NACL Teams
  • The NACL will have a Team Participation Agreement (TPA) in 2024. This means the NACL teams will have to abide by minimum standards in order to receive payments or revenue share from Riot
  • A minimum of 30 days' severance pay for termination without cause for any player earning up to 1.5 times the league minimum salary and 15 days' notice for any player competing on a visa
  • Players and teams will share equal representation o na committee to determine any future changes to the practice schedule in a collaborative manner
  • Teams will take action to ensure all foreign players have mandated healthcare available to them by the first day they are in the US
  • Riot and the LCSPA plan to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will establish meetings and notice parameters to ensure alignment among all parties before making any future decisions or communications.

The future of NA LoL esports

The start of the Summer Split will continue as planned on June 14, announced by Riot in its own statement. League of Legends esports stated again in regards to avoiding the strike that "We are committed to bringing the best of League to the NA community and will be continuing to evolve the LCS with that goal in mind.”

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