Here are the best duos to dominate with in League of Legends Arena!

Despite LoL's Arena only being out for a few days, players have already figured out the best duos to use in the mode. is here to tell you the best duo combinations to use in the new League of Legends 2v2v2v2 mode. And with a bit of luck, you will be sailing up the ranks in no time!

What are the best League of Legends Arena duos?

Taric is arguably the most important champion to use in Arena. Image courtesy of Riot Games.
Taric is arguably the most important champion to use in Arena. Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Picking the best duo combination for Arena is vital. Players have learned very quickly that the game is going to be a rough one since they are unable to inflict any damage on their opponents. Some League of Legends champions are simply not playable in the Arena right now with the way their kit interacts with the small environment, the different augments, and more. has put together some of the best Arena duos to use in LoL.

Taric + carry

There is a reason this section is labeled "Taric + carry" because we could simply make an entire article just on Taric duos alone. The shield of Valoran is easily the most important champion in League of Legends Arena right now. Taric provides everything for a carry champion to do the damage they need to win the round. Taric's abilities provide insane healing, large shields, an auto attack passive that does significant damage, a double stun ability, and finally an ultimate that makes their ally and Taric invulnerable for a small duration.

The most common pairings with Taric so far have been Fiora and any hyper-carry ADC like Vayne or Kai'Sa. According to Blitz, Taric and Fiora is the best Arena duo in LoL with a win percentage of 53.7%.

Mordekaiser + Kha'Zix

Image courtesy of Riot Games.
Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Morderkaiser + Kha'Zix is the ultimate composition for annoying your opponent. These two champions work in tandem with each other despite never actually interacting with each other. Mordekaiser is great at locking down "squishier" champions such as hyper-carry champions with his ultimate. Meanwhile, Kha'Zix's strength comes from isolated single-target fights. The way this duo works is Mordekaiser rushes in and locks the "tankier" champion/support in their ultimate who won't be able to kill him while Kha'Zix is assassinating the defenseless carry.

Warwick and Dr. Mundo

Images courtesy of Riot Games.
Images courtesy of Riot Games.

The combination of Warwick and Dr. Mundo is one of the most frustrating duos to play against in Arena. For any new players, both champions have an incredible amount of healing and sustainability, making them very difficult to kill from an even footing. While it is tempting to go for Goliath with Dr.Mundo - an augment that makes champions gigantic in size with increased health, augments such as Perseverance, Slow Cooker, and Willing Sacrifice benefit both Mundo and Warwick.

League of Legends Arena duos tier list

We have put together a quick tier list for the best duos that should be used in League of Legends Arena, along with some interesting duos that could move up in tiers as time progresses.

  • S tier : Taric + Fiora, Taric + Vayne, Taric + Kai'Sa, Twitch + Cassiopeia , Master Yi + Taric, Kayle + Warwick
  • A tier: Dr. Mundo + Warwick, Annie + Twitch
  • B tier: Mordekaiser + Kha'Zix, Malzahar + Kayn
  • C tier: Shaco + Teemo

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