After Microsoft said that it plans to phase out CoD Mobile, the game has issued a statement for fans. But, is the game really here to stay?

After Microsoft said in a document that it planned to phase out CoD Mobile last week, the game has come up with a response for fans. The game reassured its players that it was here to stay for the long run, but with a looming acquisition, can the statement continue to hold true?

Activision says it's in for the 'long haul’ with CoD Mobile

The story about CoD Mobile being phased out goes back to January 2022. This is when Microsoft announced that it planned to acquire Activision Blizzard in an all-cash deal. However, the tech giant has faced resistance to going ahead with this deal, particularly from competition regulators in the UK, Europe, and the US.

Source: Activision
Source: Activision

One of these is the CMA, the competition regulator of the United Kingdom. It issued a notice to Microsoft about its planned acquisition. In turn, the tech giant sent a 30-page response last week detailing its plans for Activision Blizzard.

With these plans, the company also spoke about CoD Mobile. It said that it planned to 'phase out' the game over time with the release of Warzone Mobile.

This sent the CoD Mobile community into a frenzy about the future of their beloved game. Now, however, there is some reassurance as the official Twitter account has stated the situation. It said that it plans to support the game for a long time with regular content.

"We are committed to CoD Mobile as an important part of the entire Call of Duty franchise and our overall mobile strategy. We have the best fans in the world and intend to continue supporting the game with a robust roadmap of fresh new CODM content, activities, and updates for the long haul."

Call of Duty: Mobile said in its statement

Will Call of Duty Mobile shut down?

It’s to be noted that the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard hasn’t been pushed through yet. While the deal has been approved in some countries like Saudi Arabia and Chile, the EU, the UK, and the US are still reviewing it for antitrust concerns.

Based on the response by Microsoft, the company has revealed ambitious plans for mobile gaming. This includes setting up an Xbox Mobile Store after the merger as a new mobile game distribution platform. The company says that this would challenge the duopoly currently held by Google and Apple in the space.

Call of Duty Mobile. Source: Activision
Call of Duty Mobile. Source: Activision

Leading the charge for the Xbox Mobile Store will be Activision Blizzard’s mobile gaming portfolio. This consists of AAA titles like Diablo Immortal and CoD Mobile. As a part of these plans, Microsoft intends to replace CoD Mobile with Warzone Mobile.

While CoD Mobile’s statement has assured fans of a long-term commitment to the game, it's unlikely that it will hold if Microsoft takes over the company. Even in that case, Microsoft has stated that it wants to “phase out” the game instead of an immediate shutdown.

Thus, the game isn’t all that safe. However, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision isn’t a sure thing yet because of antitrust reasons. It will likely become more apparent later this year if the acquisition is to go forward.

For now, players can continue enjoying CoD Mobile.

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