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Dislyte Ethan quiz answers


A new Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz is here! Answering the questions correctly results in free items.

Dislyte is celebrating the arrival of a new Esper named Ethan! Selecting the correct answers on this Esper Pop Quiz results in Gold Records that can be used to spin the Echo. Here are the Dislyte quiz answers for Ethan.

Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz Ethan answers (Image via Lilith Games)
Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz Ethan answers (Image via Lilith Games)

Esper Pop Quiz Ethan answers

The first question in this Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz event is "Which mythology is Pan from?" The answer to this is option A: Greek. As for the "What instrument does Ethan play?" question, the answer is B: Accordion. Finally, the answer to "What is Ethan's agency in Tangton called?" is A: All-Trades Agency.

  • Esper Pop Quiz Ethan answer day 1: Greek
  • Esper Pop Quiz Ethan answer day 2: Accordion
  • Esper Pop Quiz Ethan answer day 3: All-Trades Agency

The "All-Trades Agency" answer was revealed as incorrect in the game despite official sources stating otherwise.

"That's an error. Players who answered A or C will receive an in-game mail with 100 Nexus Crystals later on today," Dislyte replied to multiple users on Twitter.

Dislyte quiz answers for Ethan

Players receive a free Gold Record for every Esper Pop Quiz question that they answer correctly. Each Gold Record unlocks once the next day of the event goes live.

Ethan is a Legendary Flow Esper (Image via Lilith Games)
Ethan is a Legendary Flow Esper (Image via Lilith Games)

If a player happens to answer incorrectly, then 100 Nexus Crystals are given to them instead. Since Gold Records cost 200 Nexus Crystals, this consolation prize is worth half a Gold Record.

To access the quiz, simply tap on the "Events" icon located near the top left of the mobile game.

Rewards and missions

The Dislyte Ethan Pop Quiz event features daily missions for players as well. These missions result in some in-game items such as Stamina, Starimon, Abilimon, Experimon, and Ritual Points. There's also some gold to obtain as the daily login reward.

Last month, players had to choose between Ethan or Embla in terms of who will show up first in the game. While Embla had a storyline event dedicated to her, Ethan voters received his unique in-game avatar. 

Ethan is a support Esper in Dislyte (Image via Lilith Games)
Ethan is a support Esper in Dislyte (Image via Lilith Games)

As for what Ethan is good at, he’s a support Esper who has control abilities. The game’s official YouTube channel recently uploaded the gameplay video for him as well, highlighting his abilities, love for music, and personality.

That's all for now. Stay tuned on esports.gg for more news and updates. Be sure to bookmark this page for the next question and answer for Ethan.

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