PMGO 2024 runner-up Alpha7 Esports emerged as the leader among 62 other teams in the recent official power ranking unveiled by PUBG MOBILE Esports.

Brazilian esports powerhouse Alpha7 Esports, also known as A7, leads the PUBG MOBILE Esports power rankings, surpassing 62 teams worldwide which includes the 2023 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC) champion IHC Esports and the 2024 PUBG MOBILE Global Open (PMGO) champion REJECT.

This is the first time PUBG MOBILE Esports has announced an official power ranking, sparking significant interest from esports fans around the globe.

What is the PUBG MOBILE Esports power ranking?

PUBG MOBILE Esports explains that team rankings are based on their performances in previous competitions. 

Rankings are determined by points secured in the three most recent major PUBG MOBILE tournaments, reflecting wins, placements, and standout performances. The ranking system benefits teams that consistently perform well on the main stage of major tournaments. 

In terms of the June 2024 power ranking, the points are based on the last three major events: the main tournament of the 2023 PUBG MOBILE World Invitational (PMWI) in Riyadh, the group stage and grand finals of the 2023 PMGC in Turkiye, and the main event of the 2024 PMGO in Brazil.

The leaderboard is expected to be updated again in late July after the conclusion of the next major tournament, the 2024 PUBG MOBILE World Cup (PMWC) in Riyadh.

Alpha7 Esports leads rankings with massive gaps

In the June 2024 power rankings, Alpha7 Esports leads the leaderboard with 797.87 power points, followed by two Mongolian teams: Stalwart Esports (STE) with 602.39 power points and IHC Esports (IHC) with 578.14 power points.

Alpha7 Esports has collected numerous trophies in regional tournaments, though they have yet to win an international title. However, their consistent performance has ensured their presence on every single international stage, including the recent 2024 PMGO, 2023 PMGC, and 2023 PMWI, which has bolstered their position on the leaderboard.

Alpha7 Esports is regarded as one of the biggest names in the PUBG MOBILE esports scene. They began their journey in March 2020, although now with an entirely different roster. In 2023, Alpha7 Esports expanded their horizons by venturing into Honor of Kings, showcasing their versatility and ambition in the broader esports arena.

Additionally, the Brazilian team is supported by a loyal fanbase, making them one of most followed PUBG MOBILE teams with over 197,000 followers on Instagram and 38,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Mongolian teams dominate the top list, followed by Chinese teams

Teams from South Asia (SA), particularly Mongolia, are dominating the June 2024 PUBG MOBILE Esports power rankings, with three teams in the leaderboard's top 10. 

Mongolia, home to the latest world champion, has overtaken China as the best-performing region of 2024 so far. Historically, China has been known as the powerhouse region.

Meanwhile, Six Two Eight and Weibo Gaming, two teams from China's premier Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL), have secured spots in the top 10, contributing to the five Chinese teams on the overall leaderboard.

Additionally, the 2022 PMGC champion S2G and the 2023 PMWI champion Vampire Esports have also made it into the top 10.

The downfall of two-times world champion Nova Esports

Fans around the globe are taken aback by Nova Esports' current ranking. The two-time world champion ranks only 50th out of 63 teams, making them the lowest-ranking Chinese team on the list.

Nova Esports once dominated the PUBG MOBILE esports scene during the year of 2020-2021, collecting trophies in both regional and international competitions and becoming back-to-back champions in the 2020 PMGC and 2021 PMGC. However, they have not claimed another trophy since.

Despite the roster changes over the last few years, Nova Esports has struggled to perform well in recent major tournaments. This has resulted in their low power ranking, which is on the verge of dropping further as they are set to miss the 2024 PMWC.

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