Krafton’s new game Road to Valor: Empires plays like Clash Royale cover image

Krafton’s new game Road to Valor: Empires plays like Clash Royale


Krafton’s upcoming mobile title is a card-based PvP title which plays like Clash Royale. Here’s everything about it.

The makers behind the PUBG universe will soon be releasing another mobile game titled Road to Valor: Empires. The game has been developed by Krafton’s independent studio, Dremotion, which it acquired in May 2021. While it looks really good, there is one thing that comes to mind when watching its gameplay – that it’s based on Clash Royale.

Road to Valor: Empires is a sequel to Road to Valor: World War II, which was released in 2019 before Dreamotion was acquired by Krafton.

Road to Valor: Empires plays like Clash Royale

Currently, Road to Valor: Empires is in the testing phase and is open for pre-registrations on the Google Play Store. A quick at the most recent video by the Road to Valor: Empires YouTube channel shows just how similar the game is.

Just like Clash Royale, it's a real-time PvP online game which pits two players against each other. The players need to play cards based on different characters to outsmart their opponent with better strategies and combos.

It also has two lanes, and each player has two smaller towers and one main tower. The objective is to play your cards right and defend your towers while taking down the enemy’s base.

Just like in Clash Royale, you have a huge deck of cards to choose from and need to build your army with eight cards.

Additionally, just like its Supercell counterpart, it also has a two-vs-two mode.

While the gameplay looks similar, the game has a completely different theme to it. Clash Royale is more dynamic and colorful while Road to Valor: Empires offers a more hardcore look at the genre.

If you don’t like the more casual look of Clash Royale, you will certainly love Road to Valor: Empires. A release date for the game hasn’t been revealed yet but it doesn’t seem far off.

Irony from Krafton?

Despite the similarities, it’s unlikely that Supercell will make a legal move against the game. This is because while it's based on the same game style, the map and characters are completely different. Additionally, Road to Valor: World War II didn’t attract any lawsuits as well.

However, it's still ironic for Krafton to copy a game like this especially when the developer was attempting to gatekeep the battle royale genre back in 2018.

At the time, while Krafton was basking in the sun on the back of the success of PUBG, Epic Games brought the battle royale genre to Fortnite. This game quickly grew in popularity and Krafton was quick to throw a copyright lawsuit against Epic for ripping off from PUBG. This lawsuit was subsequently dropped.

Now, however, Krafton has certainly realized that making a title in the same genre is fair game.

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