The two best players get a spot in Final Kombat.

The current Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) esports season, Pro Kompetition 2023-24, started right after the game's release. After a few online qualifiers, we are approaching Regional Finals in North America (NA): West and East. They will determine two participants of the future Final Kombat event. Such a prospect has attracted some of the biggest names in the MK1 competitive community.

MK1 Pro Kompetition NA Regional Finals: Schedule and streams

The MK1 esports matches of the League Regional Finals happen on May 12 in:

  • North America East
  • North America West

The tournaments will be streamed on these official channels:

Top MK1 players in NA

MK1 certainly has a strong position in the NA — with some of the best esports players in the world coming from the region. Which of them has qualified for the MK1 NA League Regional Finals?

NA East

If someone has qualified for an event of such level, they are a decent competitor without a doubt. We can distinguish four players in the NA East Finals to watch out for.

  • NinjaKilla212

This player reached quite impressive heights in the previous title, MK11. NinjaKilla was the MK11 Evo 2023 Champion — the last one for this game. In the MK1 era, he won two of three Regional Qualifiers in NA East and did not participate in the third one.

NinjaKilla’s main character/kameo pairs so far were Liu Kang/Khameleon, Liu Kang/Kung Lao, and Raiden/Kano.

  • Xombat

He is a solid competitor with a lot of top placements in big MK esports events. Xombat was 3rd East Coast Throwdown 2023 and 2nd at the MK1 NA East Regional Qualifier #2. He was eliminated by NinjaKilla both times.

In Pro Kompetition 2023-24, Xombat played character/kameo pairs such as Liu Kang/Kung Lao, Johnny Cage/Khameleon, Johnny Cage/Goro, and Raiden/Kano.

  • TheMightyUnjust

This player was pretty strong in MK11, but with the release of MK1, it feels like TheMightyUnjust has unleashed his full potential — especially in the online environment. He won The Kolosseum Season 5 Finale and MK1 NA East Regional Qualifier #1.

TheMightyUnjust has a good range of MK1 character/kameo pairs. In the 2023-2024 season of Pro Kompetition, he played Baraka/Stryker, Tanya/Goro, Raiden/Khameleon, Johnny Cage/Khameleon, and Peacemaker/Khameleon.

  • Pulse

Pulse has been shining brightly in many MK1 online tournaments — it’s the best era in his career so far. The player was 4th at NA East Regional Qualifiers #2 and #3. He was also 2nd at LVL UP EXPO 2024.

Pulse most often chooses these characters/kameos: Kenshi/Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage/Kung Lao, Johnny Cage/Goro, and Johnny Cage/Khameleon.

NA West

The MK1 NA West League Regional Final features some of the greatest legends in MK esports.

  • SonicFox

SonicFox reached amazing heights in so many fighting games, and still, MK remains the main title for them. Within MK1, they won ECT 2023, the very first offline major for the game. They finished first at the NA West Regional Qualifiers #1.

The range of characters is another strong side of SonicFox. Still, during Pro Kompetition qualifiers, they played only Sindel/Kung Lao.  At ECT 2023, we could see SonicFox playing Rain/Cyrax.

  • Rewind

Rewind is a skilled player, but he is often stopped at MK1 esports events by SonicFox, which prevents him from having many victories. Rewind was 2nd at the NA West Regional Qualifiers #1 and at the COTR Season 1 Finale. He lost to NinjaKilla this time.

The main character for Rewind has been Reiko so far, with Tremor as the main kameo fighter. But some variations to this formula have also been seen — depending on the matchup: Reiko/Tremor (Crystalline), Reiko/Johnny Cage, and General Shao/Kung Lao.

  • Hourglass_of_rain

The player rushed into fighting games esports with the release of MK1. Hourglass_of_rain successfully participated in many online tournaments and reached top placements offline. He was 3rd at Texas Showdown 2024 and won NA West Regional Qualifiers #2.

It seems like Hourglass_of_rain is a character loyalist. He plays Mileena with different kameos: Mileena/Kung Lao and Mileena/Khameleon.

  • KingGambler

KingGambler regularly reaches MK1 esports finals, but there always is something that stops him from winning tournaments. He was 3rd at NA West Regional Qualifiers #2 and 2nd at #3. Can that change at the Finals?

KingGambler most of the time sticks to Johnny Cage/Goro, but he also takes Johnny Cage/Khameleon and Tanya/Goro for specific matchups.

The Pro Kompetition 2023-24: NA League Regional Finals are going to be great! We may even see changes to the standard character/kameo formulas — can someone take Ermac to a fight? Stay tuned to for everything exciting from the fighting games multiverse.