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Overwatch World Cup 2023 committees list


Here are all 36 of the Overwatch World Cup 2023 competition committees and how they’re involved in Overwatch 2 esports.

Blizzard has revealed all of the 2023 Overwatch World Cup committees! These competition committees involve 36 invited teams in total. Read on for the full list and more.

Overwatch World Cup 2023 committees

Here are all 36 of the Overwatch World Cup 2023 competition committees. They are listed in alphabetical order. You can press CTRL+F and type in the name of the group you're interested in to view its dedicated general manager, head coach, and social lead.


  • General Manager: Nacho “Desastreger” De Saeger
  • Head Coach: Gianluca “Xyan” Beer
  • Social Lead: Ivan “ReptiliaX” Tiviroli


  • General Manager: Sam “Face” Merewether
  • Head Coach: Max “Unter” Unterwurzacher
  • Social Lead: Jarrod “Frogger” Meredith


  • General Manager: Kevin “Kevh” Hondijk
  • Head Coach: Neo “TheWeevil” Claes
  • Social Lead: Demis “Deemzies” Holvoet


  • General Manager: Gabriel “Nitrao” Ribeiro
  • Head Coach: Mauricio “Honorato” Honorato
  • Social Lead: Alicia “Mirsthy” Grucci


  • General Manager: Lenna “irlChibi” Ly-Matz
  • Head Coach: Danny “Danny” Mychakov
  • Social Lead: “Fareeha”


  • General Manager: Cristóbal Alberto “RakunMatte” Matteucci Ubeda
  • Head Coach: Max “SirMax” Lavin
  • Social Lead: Jose “KTM” Norambuena

Chinese Taipei

  • General Manager: Tsung-Yu “Lilgho” Huang
  • Head Coach: Wei-Lien “Band1t” Chi
  • Social Lead: Yang-Ling “Yuki” Chen


  • General Manager: Daniela “Dryad” Herrera
  • Head Coach: Jason “Circci” Rangel
  • Social Lead: Luisa “Lula” Rodriguez

Costa Rica

  • General Manager: Esteban Leonardo “FarrelCR” Chacon Chacon
  • Head Coach: Daniel “Mistral” Sanchez Urbina
  • Social Lead: Joseph “Dabpunk” Mattey


  • General Manager: Andrés “Andreshakur” Ortiz
  • Head Coach: Rafael “Yofo17” Tavarez
  • Social Lead: Kevin “Kgustavo” Sotomayor


  • General Manager: Félix “Féfé” Munch
  • Head Coach: Zouheir “GetAmazed” Baba
  • Social Lead: Arthur “An4rchy” Landon


  • General Manager: Izzy “Noukky” Müller
  • Head Coach: Ben “Thor” Richter
  • Social Lead: Viktor “Noserino” Polster

Great Britain

  • General Manager: Mat “TazMo” Taylor
  • Head Coach: Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham
  • Social Lead: Tee “Tee” Hewitt


  • General Manager: Luis “LuisElElfo” Leon
  • Head Coach: Kenneth “Destryp” Abdiel
  • Social Lead: Luis Rafael “RafaCruzGT” Barrientos Cruz

Hong Kong

  • General Manager: Hoi Lam “ASCII” Yam
  • Head Coach: Cheuk Pang “amcrazy” Lai
  • Social Lead: Man Chung “Byleth” Chan


  • General Manager: Shyam “Shyam” Venkatramani
  • Head Coach: Nathan “Natter” Pitchaikani
  • Social Lead: Shrey “Shine” Verma


  • General Manager: Hobert “Oddball” Kurniawan
  • Head Coach: Emil “Ziggy” Edias
  • Social Lead: Yasmin “Yasweed” Quita Azzahra


  • General Manager: Edmondo “DragonEddy” Cerini
  • Head Coach: Edoardo “Carnifex” Badolato
  • Social Lead: Thomas “HAL” Avallone


  • General Manager: Masumi “Mizuiro” Fukuda
  • Head Coach: Yu-Chan “Pain” Jeong
  • Social Lead: “Supaga”


  • General Manager: Awang Ilyas “BawangByte” Awg Mahsen
  • Head Coach: Jason “Blueice” Tan
  • Social Lead: Jun Shin “Shizuku” Wong


  • General Manager: Carlos Alberto “Ampere” Donato Regalado
  • Head Coach: David Osmar “Nomy” Lizarraga Ramirez
  • Social Lead: Chris “Instinct” Soto


  • General Manager: Rowan “Seg” Stroo
  • Head Coach: Cas “Casores” Van Andel
  • Social Lead: Handé “MizVizility” Karasu

New Zealand

  • General Manager: Vincent “Mince” Brown
  • Head Coach: Jack “Joker” Wyles
  • Social Lead: Everard “EeveeP” Petrie


  • General Manager: Natalie “Nates” Tveitan
  • Head Coach: Phillip “Spongey” Smedsrud
  • Social Lead: Sigve “RUSH” Løndal


  • General Manager: Maria Soledad “Mashap” Hinostroza Coronel
  • Head Coach: Manuel “R3dder” Quispe Arminta
  • Social Lead: Edgar Aldair “Aldair” Huacani Rondón


  • General Manager: David Constantine “Neep” Viray
  • Head Coach: Axel Jansen “Rebirth” Lusuan
  • Social Lead: Camille Marie “Yumie” Tafalla


  • General Manager: Łukasz “Swem” Mazurkiewicz
  • Head Coach: Jacek “Arek2597” Klajssa
  • Social Lead: Daniel “Weza” Wieczorek

Puerto Rico

  • General Manager: Alejandro “AirborneG2” Figueroa-Martinez
  • Head Coach: Gabriel “Gizgam” Zapata-Martinez
  • Social Lead: Ibrahim “Monclo” Rivera-Monclova

Saudi Arabia

  • General Manager: Mohammed “Scar” Alsaidan
  • Head Coach: Waleed “W1llyv” Alshamali
  • Social Lead: Abdulaziz “Brain” Almehmadi


  • General Manager: Mikazuki “Ladydeath” Maya
  • Head Coach: Jian Qing “JohnGalt” Seetoh
  • Social Lead: Ryan “rXis” Tan

South Korea

  • General Manager: Helen “Dear” Jang
  • Head Coach: Hee-Won “Rush” Yoon
  • Social Lead: Jaimin “Fast_Sloth” Yoo


  • General Manager: Thibaut “Tibix” Durand
  • Head Coach: Marc “Fayt” Albero
  • Social Lead: Antonio “Toniki” Juan Serra


  • General Manager: Kevin “Maji” Persson
  • Head Coach: Evert “Almostpanda” Holmsen
  • Social Lead: David “D4veTheNinja” Malmberg


  • General Manager: Pasavit “Pannys” Svasti-Xuto
  • Head Coach: Teetawat “Teetawat” Teerayosyotin
  • Social Lead: Nattaphat “Tekkudesu” Thanerojn


  • General Manager: Tarik Berk “Berk” Kiymet
  • Head Coach: Hakan “Exquency” Karataş
  • Social Lead: Tahir “Akarina” Şavli

United States

  • General Manager: Albert “Yehhh” Yeh
  • Head Coach: Blake “Gator” Scott
  • Social Lead: “BroYouWack”
Overwatch World Cup 2023 competition committees information (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Overwatch World Cup 2023 competition committees information (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

What is an Overwatch World Cup competition committee?

Overwatch World Cup committees are responsible for hosting team tryouts in March. Each group also selects the country and regional team, according to Blizzard.

While the general manager role involves communications with Blizzard and team operations, coaches lead tryouts, the selection of players, plus the competitive duties of the team. As for the social leads, they are in charge of their team's engagement initiatives, content, and social media.

That's all for now. Stay tuned on Esports.gg for more news and updates!

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