How to unlock the Turtle Ship D.Va skin in Overwatch 2 cover image

How to unlock the Turtle Ship D.Va skin in Overwatch 2


Ready to sail the seas? The Turtle Ship Dva skin bundle is here and ready for your cold, hard plunder. Here’s how to nab the loot.

It seems like D.Va has some of the best skins in Overwatch 2. Well, this new Turtle Ship Dva skin bundle added to the shop today certainly won't hurt that reputation. Being one of the most popular Heroes in Overwatch certainly has its perks, one of which is a never-ending list of amazing skins. Harking back to Asian history and mythology, the Turtle Ship skin takes full advantage of her mech's unique shape in order to create, perhaps, her best new skin so far in Overwatch 2.
How do you get it? Hope you're ready to shell out some of the Overwatch 2 Credits you've heard so much about.

How to unlock the Turtle Ship Dva skin

The Turtle Ship Dva skin bundle is part of a new, weekly premium currency bundle and costs 2200 Credits. This is just a little bit over $20.00 USD. Themed around the Japanese myth motif of Season 3, the bundle includes the following:


  • Turtle Ship


  • Turtle Ship


  • Unsinkable


  • Turtle Ship


  • Turtle Ship
Check out the full range of what's in this new skin in our gallery below.
As per usual, the skin bundle is available for the next six days before rotating out of the shop for a bit. Afterwards, you can buy some of the items piecemeal. You might also see the skin itself pop up in the shop in the future, but this is your chance to get the bundle now and reap the rewards.
With less than a few weeks left in Overwatch 2 Season 3 it also means that it will be time for a new skin aesthetic once more. What's to come in Season 4? Only time will tell, especially as it appears we're getting a new Hero and, potentially, the return of some old maps as well.
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