The CEO confirmed the news in a reply on X.

NRG have been a household name in esports for years, competing in multiple titles at the very highest level, including Overwatch 2 and its predecessor. This has been under both the name NRG Esports from 2016 to 2019 and the San Francisco Shock in the Overwatch League from 2017 to 2023. And now, with the Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS) in full swing and the Esports World Cup nearing, it looks like NRG will be back in Overwatch 2 esports yet again.

NRG CEO Andy Miller celebrating the SF Shock's 2019 OWL Championship (Image via Andy Miller)
NRG CEO Andy Miller celebrating the SF Shock's 2019 OWL Championship (Image via Andy Miller)

Andy Miller confirms NRG return to Overwatch 2: "Give us a week or so to cook!"

Andy Miller, the founder and CEO of NRG, has finally put an emphatic exclamation point at the end of a two-week-long tease from the NRG and San Francisco Shock social media accounts who have been teasing the organization's return to Overwatch 2 esports. This unofficial announcement comes via a reply in a thread on X, where the NRG boss says, "Hell yah! Give us a week or so to cook!"

The first real mention of this is referenced in the above post from the San Francisco Shock, showing a poll that NRG put out asking fans which esport they'd most like to see the organization return to for the upcoming Esports World Cup. The results were unanimously in favor of a return to Overwatch 2, earning 76% of the over 13,000 votes.

Since that happened on May 12, the account for the SF Shock has been increasingly active, even joking about signing the NBA's Luka Doncic after it was revealed that he hit Top 500 on tank during the NBA Playoffs.

However, outside of this reply from Andy Miller, nothing has been officially released about what players the organization would look to sign and if they will strictly compete in the Esports World Cup. FNATIC are also likely to announce their esports roster in the coming week, so its anyone's guess at this point who the two powerhouse organization will sign.

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