OWCS casters lineup revealed, features some old, familiar faces cover image

OWCS casters lineup revealed, features some old, familiar faces

That hair could be anybody, really.

It's always nice seeing old friends, and it appears as though the Overwatch Champions Series is an OWL reunion. Announced today by Blizzard were the OWCS casters lineups for the various regions, including NA, EMEA, and Asia. If you thought you'd saw the last of beloved faces like Soe, Jake, and Mr. X then you're in luck. The gang is back together.

Let's go over the whole talent lineup of OWCS casters coming later this month.

Who are the on-air casters for OWCS 2024?

Let's take a look at the full talent for on-air matches coming to the OWCS, which includes a number of Overwatch League casters.

NA/EMEA talent

  • Host: Soe Gschwind
  • Analyst: Jonny "Reinforce" Snowden
  • Analyst: Jake "Jake" Lyon
  • Caster: Mitch "Uber" Leslie
  • Caster: Matt "Mr. X" Morello
  • Caster: Jack "Jaws" Wright
  • Caster: Rosemary "Nekkra" Kelley

Asia talent


  • Wolf "Proxywolf" Schroder
  • Seth "Achilios" King
  • Robert "Hex" Kirkbride
  • Minseong "Unknown" Kim
  • Daniel "Gcleff" Na
  • Bum-Hoon "Ninek" Kim


  • Jungmin "Marine" Kim
  • Jisu "Akaros" Jang
  • Changsik Moon
  • Gyuhyung "YBT" Hwang
  • Hyunsung "Strings" Hong
  • Jisoo Sim
  • Seungyong "Melt" Ahn


  • Masaya "Aojiru" Furutani
  • Ryota "Gappo3" Togo
  • Motoshi "Hoshimi" Holden
  • Ryo "Oyatsu" Tanaka

Worries began to flare up after the end of Overwatch League that the team fans had come to know and love wouldn't make a return. And while not everyone is coming back to grace the OWCS broadcasts, there's enough familiar casters here to call it a family reunion.

Look for these folks when OWCS broadcasts begin next week.

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