Who is Overlord, possibly leaked support hero in Overwatch 2? cover image

Who is Overlord, possibly leaked support hero in Overwatch 2?


Is another member of the MEKA Squad coming to Overwatch 2? Gamers have continued to discuss Overlord in recent threads.

Overwatch 2 developers have shared a detailed road map outlining the next few heroes that will be coming to the dynamic and diverse roster. There are allegedly three heroes in the works, which will come out every other season. These next three heroes will be two support and one tank. But who will they be?
For the past few years, there's been chatter about a character named Overlord. And recent discussions have pointed to this character possibly being the next support hero coming in Season 4 or Season 6 later this year.

Who is Overlord?

Overlord is part of D.Va's lore, the youngest member of the MEKA Squad. Within the squad, Overlord is known for repairing other mechs and being a highly skilled pilot.
Overlord helped D.Va defend Busan during the Gwishin Omnic attack, where he was injured in battle. Not soon after, Captain Myung told the squad that another Gwinshin attack could be threatening Busan. Instead, it was Null Sector.
The MEKA Squad was thrown off and their plan became chaotic. Even though the efforts between the squad and Overwatch weren't going as planned, Overlord kept calm and helped with system repairs to other members' mechs. When everyone was ready to attack, Overlord took part in a synchronized strike that got Null Sector to retreat.
Overlord has been featured in cinematic shorts, comics, and has been mentioned within in-game dialogue.

What are Overlord's abilities?

Nothing is known about Overlord so far — it hasn't even been confirmed if he will appear as a playable hero.
But Overwatch 2 fans are already discussing all of the possibilities. Many are excited at the idea of another mech-focused hero while others want to see a tanky support since most are so squishy. This had some Overwatch players fearful of another Brigitte-like situation, where the shield-focused support created an unbeatable composition called GOATS before her nerfs.
Other gamers theorized that Overlord may be given the ability to teleport teammates or be given great aerial abilities. His drone capabilities are another interesting thing developers could play with.
"I can imagine him being ultra squishy, but with ability to perma fly. Dropping heal bombs + ult like smoke airdrop that would make enemies miss 50% of attacks. This is the witch inside of me talking. Quote her in one month," one player theorized.
No matter what his abilities would end up being, other Overwatch players were more excited about his character in general.
Said one fan: "He's known as the youngest member of D.Va's squad and I don't think we have a lot of young male heroes in Overwatch, along with his personality seeming pretty more quiet and gentle, which is another form of personality that we just rarely have period in the Overwatch roster (most characters being more boasty/heroic/sassy or villainous), specifically towards males. He could maybe also have a bit of insecurity as well, where he's a hero and skilled in his own right but just a litte soft spoken. (Could probably relate and touch a lot of younger guys and just people in general with this). He's also just a really sweet boy and I just think he'd be an incredibly unique character all around to have in this already diverse character-player base game."
Right now, Overlord is a complete mystery and just a fan theory. In the past, developers have said they want to steer clear of more mechs due to how complex and buggy dealing with D.Va has been.
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