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How to counter Brava in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are the best ways to play with Brava and how to counter the Brazilian R6 operator.

On the penultimate day of the Six Invitational 2023, Ubisoft announced a new operator to join Rainbow Six Siege. Brava will make its way to the game as part of Operation Commanding Force - which is set to release on March 7, 2023. Here's how to counter Brava as well as the best operators that enable her.

Brava’s toolkit makes her one of the most interesting operators in the game. With her Kludge drone, she can hack and steal opponent devices to work for her. So Brava’s strength indirectly depends on the opponent’s devices. But if you are confused on how to play Brava, we have you covered. There are many possibilities with the drone. Of course, you can use it simply as a drone to explore and destroy enemy devices. But the real possibilities unlock when you use the Kludge drone to hack opponent devices and make them work for you. Here are the operators that have the best synergy with Brava as well as those that counter her.

Which operators are best with Brava?


Brava’s obvious synergy is with IQ. IQ can track electronic devices and Brava can steal them. It can’t be simpler than these. The detect-steal duo is a tale as old as time and even in the relatively-modern Rainbow Six siege, it should not fail you.  


Thatcher can allow the Kludge drone to move past if there is a mute jammer in the doorway thanks to its EMP. If Brava tries to convert disabled objects, they will still swap allegiance and work for Brava’s team.

Hibana, Thermite and Ace

Sometimes Rainbow Six Siege walls are extremely important to open up the map. But with certain electronics defending these walls, it can become a difficult task to access certain routes. With Brava, there are a lot of possibilities. In the announcement video, Mathieu Lacombe highlights one such way.

You can steal a Maestro and use the Maestro to destroy the devices. - Mathieu Lacombe 

So instead of just destroying those devices, you can actually steal one and use that stolen device to do the work for you.

How to Counter Brava

(Image Credit: Ubisoft)
(Image Credit: Ubisoft)

The best way to counter Brava is to take her down while she’s droning. When operators use drones, they are usually extremely vulnerable. 

The other option is obviously to spot and destroy the Kludge drone coming in.


Mozzie’s Pest can steal the Kludge drone and that just opens a lot of extreme possibilities for the Mozzie player. You can use the stolen Kludge drone to steal claymores, and Airjabs and even retake some already stolen drones.

Obviously, Brava can also steal the Pest. So it depends on who takes the initiative. 


The Kludge drone works simply as a drone. So you can still deny it using jammers as well as denying entry to sites. The best way is to place these counters in such locations where the Kludge drone can’t simply shoot them to destroy them first.

It’s also important to understand that the Kludge drone can steal the jammer. It can then disable the defender gadgets which will counter your entire defensive strategy. 

Vigil’s gadget is also another counter. Since drones are blind to Vigil, he can simply destroy the drone. 

While these are some basic ideas for Brava, you can be sure pros find a lot of unique possibilities and combinations for Brava to exploit. Brava joins Rainbow Six Siege as part of Operation Commanding force in March 2023.