Operation Deadly Omen: Release Date, Time, and More cover image

Operation Deadly Omen: Release Date, Time, and More

What does the new operator look like?

As we head towards the end of the Six Invitational 2024, Rainbow Six Siege fans are eagerly awaiting more news about the next Operation. Operation Deadly Omen is the next Operation and Ubisoft will release more information about the same on February 24. Here’s all you need to know about Operation Deadly Omen in Rainbow Six Siege including the launch time, announcements and everything about the new operator.

When does Operation Deadly Omen release?

Operation Deadly Omen Release Date

Ubisoft will make an announcement with further details about Operation Deadly Omen. For now, we know that the new operation will add a new operator. Rainbow Six Siege fans will get to know more about the new operator and its tool kit when the above timer counts down to zero.

What do we know about the new Rainbow Six Siege operator?

There have been teasers galore on the Rainbow Six Siege official Twitter account. For now, we can only wait and watch as to what the new operator brings to the table. Esports.gg will provide regular and live updates during the official reveal.

Attachments and ADS

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Season 1 will see a significant upgrade when it comes to ADS and the attachment system.

Scopes will have four categories in Deadly Omen

  • Iron Sights
  • Universal 1x
  • Magified Scope
  • Telescopic Scope

Defenders will have limited access to Magnified Scope and will have no access to Magnified Scope. Attackers, on the other hand, should be able to use the scoped on every operator.

Changes to Shield Mechanic

Shield operators can now also play more aggressively with the new Shield mechanics as part of Year 9 season 1. Shield operators will still primarily be defensive, but they now have better options when it comes to going aggressive.

What does this mean? You will need to make yourself more abilities such as deploying throwables and gadgets from the shield. Ofcourse, this comes at a price which is you will be more vulnerable during these actions.

Player Protection (Inactive)

New players jumping straight into competitive and thereafter going AFK has been a disappointing experience for Rainbow Six Siege players. With Year 9 Season 1, Ubisoft will introduce a new Player Protection mechanism. If a player has not played a regular PvP match for the entire season, they will be considered inactive. They players have to get acquianted with the game (and the latest updates ) by winning five quick matches. Only after they secure five victories will they unlock ranked.

New players will have to play at least 10 attacking and 10 defending operators before they can jump into ranked.

New Player Experience

Rainbow Six Siege added the Versus AI last season and this time, they are adding five new maps. The five maps to join the Versus AI are as follows:

  • Chalet
  • Cafe
  • Bank
  • Consulate
  • Oregon

AI is also now smarter and will pose a slightly more serious challenge to newcomers as well as experienced players. It can also play Melusi and Alibi to add to its list of playable operators. Training playlist now has four new maps

  • Skyscraper
  • Coastline
  • Border
  • Nighthaven

The official reveal will happen on the penultimate day of the Six Invitational. The Six Invitational kicked off on February 13 and will come to an end on February 25 signifying 13 days of intense esports competition. With a $3 million prize pool, this is one of the largest prize pool for a single tournament in esports. This year, the tournament takes place in Sao Paolo, Brazil.