The new Operation will introduce Ubisoft’s brand-new marketplace to the game.

Rainbow Six Siege players are in for a new operation at the end of the Manchester Major. Ubisoft unveiled the name of the new operation - Operation New Blood. More details will come out soon. Here’s what we know about Operation New Blood’s release date and other information.

When does Operation New Blood Release?

Operation New Blood Reveal

Ubisoft has not yet revealed the release date for the newest Rainbow Six Siege operation. They revealed the name of the operation during the Manchester Major, with more information set to come out on May 26, 2024.

Rainbow Six Siege players can catch the live reveal of Operation New Blood on May 26 at 6 pm CET. The test servers for Operation New Blood should go live one or two days after the official reveal on May 26. After a few weeks, somewhere around mid-June, Operation New Blood should officially release in Rainbow Six Siege. 

What is new in Operation New Blood?

The new Rainbow Six Siege operation features a complete revamp of one of Rainbow Six Siege’s operators - Recruit. Ubisoft will also bring nerfs to certain operators such as Fenrir and Solis. 

The new operation should also come with a brand-new battle pass. It will also introduce the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace, a place where players can sell their cosmetics to get R6 credits. This will be somewhat similar to Valve’s Steam’s marketplace, although the concept of R6 credits is something 

The new operation will not bring about a new operator to Rainbow Six Siege. Deimos was the last operator in Rainbow Six Siege. He joined Rainbow Six Siege as part of Operation Deadly Omen. The operation also brought about changes to the Shield Mechanic and an immersive New Player experience. will cover everything that Ubisoft announces on May 26, so make sure to bookmark the site to get the latest news and announcements.