Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Roadmap revealed cover image

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Roadmap revealed

Nine years is a lot of sieging.

Nine years goes by fast, it seems. Announced today during the Six Invitational Grand Final broadcast, we now have a good look at Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 looks like via the new roadmap. Featuring a number of new features, crossplay options, and anti-cheat measures, the R6 Year 9 roadmap is the biggest update yet to the game.

Seasons are divided into four parts with several new features in each. The Year 9 roadmap starts in March, just after the Six Invitational's conclusion. Let's look at the meat of what is on the way for Rainbow Six Siege.

Year 9 Roadmap: Season 1

Major features

  • Revamped shield mechanic
  • Attachment & Ads upgrade
  • Locker: Inventory menu

Player Protection

  • Data bans improvements
  • Ranked Playlist requirements
  • Reputation system update


  • LGM update
  • Azami update

Player Comfort

  • Rappel Improvements
  • Improved gadget pickup
  • Projectile trajectory previsualization


  • Versus AI: Additional Ops & Maps
  • Map training playlist: Additional maps

The aforementioned new operator Deimos arrives Year 9 Season 1, bringing with it a number of major features. The shield mechanics on operators such as Fuze, Blitz, and Montagne will also undergo changes.

Also coming is The Locker, a system for dividing cosmetics into categories within the game. Players must also unlock ten Operators before being eligible to play ranked. Likewise, LMG and Azumi will have updates in Season 1.

Year 9 Roadmap: Season 2

Major Features

  • Reputation system full release
  • Siege Marketplace launch
  • Map filters in standard playlist

Player protection

  • Steam: improved ban enforcement


  • Fenrir update
  • Solis update part 1

Player comfort

  • After action report 2.0
  • Drone Jump previsualization


  • Map Training playlist: Target drill & additional maps
  • Versus AI: Additional ops & maps

The Year 9 Roadmap will also bring the full release of the reputation system in the second season.

Anti-cheat will be reinforced with improved bans through Steam. The Rainbow Six Siege marketplace is finally launching. It has already been available to several players who have signed up and works as a market for purchasing skins with game credits.

After the beta phase, the Year 9 roadmap brings the full release of the marketplace (Image via Ubisoft)
After the beta phase, the Year 9 roadmap brings the full release of the marketplace (Image via Ubisoft)

In the second season we will also have a recruit remaster. The drone jump will also have a preview available for players.

Year 9 Roadmap: Season 3

Major features

  • Siege Cup
  • Badges & Career
  • Shooting range access during matchmaking
  • Versus AI 2.0: Attackers

Player Protection

  • Reputation System: Mousetrap implementation


  • Solis ppdate part 2
  • Dokkaebi update

Player Comfort

  • Deployable gadgets previsualization
  • Custom: 1 v 1 preset


  • Shooting range: new cover lane
  • Mape training playlist: new drone drill & additional maps
  • Versus AI: additional ops & maps

The big news of the third season that the Year 9 roadmap brings us is the new operator coming from Greece. Siege Cups, tournaments for the community, will also be introduced. During matchmaking, players will also have access to the shooting range.

The Solis will be updated in season 2 and will have its update completed in the third season. Dokkaebi will also be subject to changes.

Season 4

Major features:

  • New console to PC option in crossplay 1.0
  • Match cancellation 3.0: automatic cheater kick

Player protection:

  • Automated text chat moderation


  • Future balance update on operators

Player comfort:

  • New Dynamic Matchmaking 1.0


  • Map training playlist: additional maps

The Year 9 Roadmap also brings news for Season 4. A United States Operator will receive an update.

The biggest new feature is the cancellation of the match if a cheater is detected in the match. We will also have new features in the console-to-PC crossplay option. Match chat moderation will also have automatic messages.

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