Will the Local Favorites write the Underdog story?

It was the second quarterfinal of the day and fans were already eagerly waiting for the two teams to take center stage. Falcons had their fangroup in one section of the stadium, but the rest of the Copperbox Arena had fans cheering for majorly GenG. GenG had British players and the local fans were clearly interested in watching their ‘Home team’ win. The ‘Home team’ was the underdog and they were here to play.

Falcons vs GenG Live score

Team 1
Team 1
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
Map 5
GenGGenGMannfield Night (1-3)Forbidden Temple (2-0)DFH Stadium (2-1)(3-0) Utopia ColiseumChampions (1-0)4-1
The Falcons vs GenG Live score

GenG play the offensive

GenG went on the offensive as soon as the first map kicked off. With the fans clearly cheering for them, GenG players were eager to get some goals in. Despite the aggression, GenG couldn’t convert their attempts into goals. The team did manage to get a goal, their second goal of the map after a phenomenal 1v3 run by FirstKiller. The fans went crazy for one of the most popular Rocket League players in the server.

After securing Mannfield (Night), the two teams moved ahead to the next map. Falcons’ fans were a bit quiet after watching their team, the supposed favorites, lose the first map. 

Falcons back to form

Image Credit: esports.gg
Image Credit: esports.gg

But Falcons were not interested in playing on the backfoot as they did through most of the second map. They started the second map with a goal within the first 35 seconds, taking a lead and setting the tone for the map.

The team got another goal as well, and part of it was due to their dominance in the mid-field. The team's aggression, the constant challenges across the map ensured that the ball was almost always over the half-line on to GenG's side.

The third series started with Falcons seemingly on the front foot, despite their slow start (The first map loss). Both teams played the map on an equal footing, with FAlcons only getting a goal lead in the last thirty seconds of the map.

The 2-1 lead could've been easily overcome if GenG had put up a more aggressive play. They tried to keep the ball up soon after the timer ended - but they were unable. And now Falcons took the series lead - securing a big advantage over the local team.

It was like a train-building momentum as Falcons seem to have had a good idea over the entire series. They started the fourth map in a very advantageous position and never looked back. The team's performance was dominant and they had complete control over the possession. Every now and then, they had their goals coming in taking a 3-0 lead with just one minute left into a commanding series lead.

Falcons seal the deal

Falcons eventually continued their strong performance, despite the slow start and turned it around ending on Map 4. The 1-0 victory on the final map was a masterclass display of their individual control and skill level. The players moved up matter-of-factly.

It was also a case of strong decision-making by the Falcons player. Whenever there was a GenG player on-screen, the Falcons player would immediately move the