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Rocket League Esports and Ally announce Ally Women’s Open

Rocket League Esports partner up with Ally for the RLCS NA Season 2022-23 in addition to hosting a women’s Rocket League tournament.

Rocket League Esports reveals a new partnership with the American bank holding company Ally Financial Inc. This is Ally's first esports sponsorship in competitive gaming after dipping its toes in the gaming world with a presence in Twitch, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft.

The partnership will highlight and provide support for the women's esports competitors in Rocket League. Furthermore, Ally will also be giving support to the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

Introducing Ally Women's Open, a women’s Rocket League tournament

Ally has pledged to reach 50/50 media spending across men's and women's sports, including the esports industry. According to Bridget Sponsky, the executive director of brand and partnerships at Ally, the esports scene has long been biased toward men's competition. To give a boost to the women's esports scene, they will soon be hosting a women's Rocket League tournament called the Ally Women's Open.

The gaming and esports media platform Raidiant will be producing the tournament. The team is headed by Heather Garozzo who was the first woman in the Esports Insider Hall of Fame and the Women in Games Hall of Fame. Lead by an all-women management team, the tournament will surely provide exposure and opportunities for the women competitors in the Rocket League scene.

Raidiant Rocket League Series (Image from Raidiant)
Raidiant Rocket League Series (Image from Raidiant)

The women's tournament will be starting on March 26 for the North America and Europe region. Each region will get a total prize pool of $20,000 USD. Ally Women's Open will be live on the Rocket League’s Twitch Channel starting at 11 a.m. ET.

Ally becomes the official partner of the North American RLCS

In early February, Rocket League announced Ally as the official partner in the NA RLCS. This partnership includes branding in the RLCS broadcast in the Winter Split as well as the upcoming Spring Split. Going forward in the season, Rocket League Esports' social campaigns will be featuring Ally.

More Bubble scene tournaments with Ally

In addition, Ally will be heading a Community Empowerment partnership with Rocket League Esports. This means there will be more tournaments for the amateur scene to elevate the bubble scene of Rocket League. With new tournaments, there will surely be more chances for the amateur and semi-pro scene to get exposure and financial opportunities in the scene.

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