Rocket League Season 13: Release date and time cover image

Rocket League Season 13: Release date and time

The new season will bring changes to the play menu and restrictions on in-game item trading.

Rocket League Season 13 is around the corner and fans are expecting a massive update with a new Rocket Pass, competitive rewards, and maybe a new arena. Psyonix has already confirmed the new season’s release date. Here’s all we know about the Rocket League Season 13 release date and time.

When does Rocket League Season 13 release?

Rocket League Season 13 is now live on all platforms. The update was released on December 5 at 4 pm PST and on December 6 at 12 am UTC on all platforms.

The new update adds the brand new Play Menu that was teased earlier last month. In addition, players are eagerly awaiting their competitive rewards which will be Goal explosions as per Rocket League Senior CM, Devin Connors.

There has been a visible lack of announcements and more information about the new season. The devs revealed it was partly due to additional workload, but they also confirmed players can expect more information very soon.

Starting Season 13, Rocket League will also disable in-game item trading. The last day to trade in-game items is December 5, 2023. With Psyonix clearly focusing on bringing Rocket League to other games such as Fortnite, the disabling of in-game item trade became a necessity than a choice.

Rocket League in Fortnite

Earlier this month, Epic Games announced Rocket Racing in Fortnite. The new game mode has Psyonix as the developer and brings Rocket League to Fortnite. Although there are some differences in the mechanics and the game mode, Rocket Racing is clearly inspired by Rocket League.

Epic Games has not released more information about Rocket Racing. However, Geoff Knightley said on, more information about Rocket Racing will be available during The Game Awards.

Rocket Racing will go live in Fortnite on December 9, 2023.