Fans are already calling it the stream of the year.

World-renowned streamer and influencer, Kai Cenat, announced a sleepover stream featuring actor and comedians - Kevin Hart and Druski. This is a follow-up collaboration with Kevin Hart after the duo successfully smashed records in the previous collab. The Kai Cenat x Kevin Hart x Druski sleepover stream starts at 8PM EST / 2AM CET tonight!

UPDATE: Stream is live! We have embedded the stream below for your convenience.

Kevin Hart and Druski will be walking through these doors for one of the biggest sleepovers of all time.

Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat hosts another collaboration stream with Kevin Hart

The eager Kai Cenat fanbase and followers are already calling this one the best stream of the year. The sleepover stream with Kevin Hart and Druski was already announced a couple of days ago. But Kai Cenat only revealed the date and time today.

This sleepover stream can be seen as a part two to his collaboration with Kevin Hart - a duo much loved by the community. The first collaboration went viral as waves of clips flooded the internet. People enjoyed comedic interactions and entertaining moments between the two.

The success of the first collaboration stream is even more apparent in the numbers as it became Kai Cenat's most viewed livestream in history, beating the previous record held by the Nicki Minaj collab. It also skyrocketed his Twitch Subscribers which helped him climb to rank #1 on the leaderboards, overtaking Rainbow Six Siege creator, Jynxzi.

Kai Cenat's upcoming sleepover stream with Kevin Hart and Druski are already filled with immense hype. Will it achieve more records and break the internet as it did before? You can hop on the train and spectate the livestream on Kai Cenat's Twitch.

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