OTK Network is doing a pixel canvas event on Twitch where viewers can create beautiful pixel art on stream together.

The content creation organizer OTK Network is currently doing a pixel canvas event on their Twitch channel. OTK is famous for its community gaming content with known streamers such as Asmongold, Emiru, Esfand, Nmplol, and ExtraEmily.

What is a pixel canvas event?

Pixel canvas event is a community activity where anyone can place one colored pixel on a giant, open canvas. Each pixel has its own timer to avoid individual spamming. The pixel canvas event originally started from a Reddit social experiment on the subreddit r/Place in 2017.

People on the internet gathered their own community and choose to create (or destroy) an agreed image on the pixel canvas. The social experiment ended up being a beautiful, chaotic, pixel tapestry that highlights community teamwork and coordination.

OTK is using a plugin called Stream Canvas for the event. The plugin uses the battles of r/Place as inspiration. Now, the community on Twitch can do this interactive activity together with their favorite streamers.

Where to join OTK's Pixel Canvas Stream?

You can check out and join in the fun on OTK's Twitch channel over here. The stream is expected to end after twenty-four hours of stream. It is not yet announced whether the event is going to be a reoccurring event on their channel.

How to join OTK's Pixel Canvas Stream?

When you go to OTK's Twitch channel, you will receive a prompt to let Stream Canvas get access to your Twitch ID. Then, you can open the canvas on the stream. You will be provided with a set of colors for your pixels. You can also zoom in and out to help you create more precise art.

Join the chat and you can brainstorm and work together to create beautiful pixel art with your community.

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