Some old familiar names to the Street Fighter franchise, but also some new names that join the game.

Street Fighter 6 has 18 characters at launch. Each character’s design and model portray aspects of their lore and storyline. But equally important are the voice actors, that in many ways virtually lend life to the character designs. Here are all the Street Fighter 6 Voice actors.

Street Fighter 6 Voice Actors

Here are all the Street Fighter Voice actors - English and Japanese.

RyuKyle HebertHiroki Takahashi
Chun-LiJennie KwanFumiko Orikasa
KenDavid MatrangaYūji Kishi
GuileRay ChaseHiroki Yasumoto
JuriJessica StrausEri Kitamura
ZangiefPeter BeckmanKenta Miyake
LukeAleks LeTomoaki Maeno
KimberlyAnairis QuiñonesNao Tōyama
CammyCaitlin GlassMiyuki Sawashiro
LilyTiana CamachoRie Kugimiya
DhalsimKeith SilversteinDaisuke Egawa
MarisaAllegra ClarkMistuki Saiga
JPWally WingertTomokazu Sugita
JamieShunsuke TakeuchiShunsuke Takeuchi
Dee JayZeno RobinsonKenji Hamada
ManonCherami LeighAyaka Fukuhara
E. HondaJohn SnyderYoshikazu Nagano
BlankaLuis BermudezYūji Ueda

Meanwhile, the in-game announcer is Larry Heron.

Big Names on the Street Fighter 6 Voice Actors List

There are some big names on this list such as Jessica Straus who is a well-known figure in the gaming voice-acting community. Having lent her voice to games such as Diablo 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Darksiders 2, Fallout 4, Heroes of the Storm, and many more, Straus is back to the SF franchise with SF6.

Caitlin Glass has been a regular name associated with the franchise since Street Fighter IV. She has also starred in Smite and Paladins as well as a host of other games in the past.

Peter Beckman has starred in multiple Street Fighter games. He was also part of the Final Fantasy 4 video game. He is well known as the voice of Zangief in the Street Fighter franchise.

There are also several new voice actors that have never appeared on the Street Fighter franchise before. Some of these names include:

  • Wally Wingert (Sea of Thieves, Final Fantasy XV, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and more)
  • Rie Kugimiya (Genshin Impact, Sonic the Hedgehog, League of Legends, Mobile Legends Bang Bang)
  • Allegra Clark (Apex Legends, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Dragon Age: Inquisition )

The game's original language is in Japanese with the English Voice Actors dubbing over for an international reach. Releasing on multiple platforms, Street Fighter 6 already promises to be much bigger than its predecessors.

Street Fighter 6 brings several new features including a Modern Drive system as well as eliminating the need for players to memorize combos. Players can store a sequence of actions on one button and use it during combat to maximum impact.

The game is currently in its Open Beta. The Open beta ends in a few days after which the community will be geared up for its imminent launch on June 2.

Stay tuned to for the latest Street Fighter 6 news and updates.