Capcom has officially announced that no new additional Street Fighter 6 news will be revealed at the Capcom Cup finals. Read below for more information.

The Capcom Cup finals are almost here. Along with it, fans were hoping for an additional announcement on the highly-anticipated upcoming title Street Fighter 6. Unfortunately, the franchise announced there will be no new announcements during the finals.

Do not worry though, as the company assured fans there will be Street Fighter 6 news in the near future.

Hoping for more 'Street Fighter 6' news? Additional information may be coming sooner than you think...

The franchise took to Twitter on February 9, 2023, to announce to fans that additional information on the upcoming game will not be revealed at the Capcom Cup finals.

"As everyone will be focusing on the hard-hitting action in the finals, we wanted to give a heads-up that there will be no new Street Fighter 6 announcements during the event", said Street Fighter on Twitter.

Capcom Cup 2022 via TechRadar
Capcom Cup 2022 via TechRadar

While this may have come as a surprise to many, Street Fighter made sure to add reassurance for fans who have been looking forward to additional news.

"However, we will be sharing some big news regarding the 2023 season of Capcom Pro Tour and the next round of exciting Street Fighter 6 news will be hitting in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned!"

There has been a lot of talk about the game's release, as it is currently scheduled for June 2023. Fans are hoping for extra information to release as soon as possible.

2023 is looking to be a historic era for gaming

A surge of excitement has grown following so many anticipated titles being released in 2023. With games like Street Fighter 6, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and more dropping later this year, fans have a lot to look forward to.

Which games are you most excited about?

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