Red Bull Kumite’s infamous Street Fighter tournament is returning, but this time to South Africa

For the first time ever, Red Bull Kumite is taking its competition to South African soil with the first major Street Fighter 6 tournament of 2023. The top players are getting their travels in order, as the stage is being set for one of the largest esports events ever to take place in Africa.

Here is everything you need to know about South Africa's upcoming event.

Red Bull Kumite is bringing the action to South Africa with a Street Fighter 6 tournament

Get prepared; Street Fighter 6 tournaments are beginning to ensue, and South Africa is ready to take on one of the first large events for the new fighting game. The matches will take the top players from around the world, pitting them against each other in an enclosed cage.

Street Fighter 6 Caged match (Image via Red Bull)
Street Fighter 6 Caged match (Image via Red Bull)

Yes... you heard that correctly. The players will be facing off in caged matches, unable to leave until a victor is chosen.

Red Bull Kumite South African Street Fighter 6 tournament dates:

  • July 1, 2023
  • July 2, 2023

The event will include 16 competitors, 15 who will be invited, and one from a "Last Chance Qualifier" set to take place beforehand. Want to be that final competitor? Take part in the competition here.

How to watch the South African Street Fighter tournament

After being held in cities such as Paris, London and Las Vegas before, the large Street Fighter tournament has made a staple within the gaming community. Their move to South Africa is a big stride for the world of esports.

Street Fighter 6 South African Tournament (Image via Red Bull)
Street Fighter 6 South African Tournament (Image via Red Bull)

With only 1,000 spectators being allowed into the event, a lot of people are wondering how they will still be able to watch the Street Fighter 6 tournament.

Luckily, the event will be live-streamed at Red Bull Gaming's Twitch.

Hoping to grab a ticket to the event? Do so by purchasing here. Grab yours now before they sell out!

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