Zangief is back and wider than ever in this Street Fighter 6 reveal trailer cover image

Zangief is back and wider than ever in this Street Fighter 6 reveal trailer

OH LAWD HE COMIN’. Zangief is back in Street Fighter 6 while looking bigger and sweatier than ever. Let’s have a look.

Capcom knows what the people want, and that is meaty men slapping meat. Yes, that's correct: The Red Tornado himself returns in this Zangief Street Fighter 6 reveal. The power behind the next-generation of gaming appears to truly bring the sweaty Russian to a new era of Street Fighter.

And, seriously: Why is Zangief so wide? My man looks like he'd have to turn sideways in order to get through a door frame.

Let's take a 4K, widescreen look at the OG grappler, Zangief.

Is Zangief in Street Fighter 6?

The inclusion of Zangief in Street Fighter 6 should come as no surprise. He turns in the newest iteration of the classic franchise sporting a new look, but throwing out those all too familiar piledrivers. The gameplay trailer gives us a taste of what Zangief is all about. This includes meaty, long ranged normal attacks, tick throws when landing out of jumps, and the classic spinning powerbomb.

<em>He should see a doctor about that. Credit: Capcom</em>
He should see a doctor about that. Credit: Capcom

For professional wrestling fans, Zangief comes packing even more actual wrestling moves than ever. The trailer shows the Red Tornado pulling off a classic dragon screw, multiple body slams, and even taking a page out of WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg and using the Jackhammer as his Super Art.

Here's what Capcom has to say about Zangief in Street Fighter 6:

Rumbling his way onto the scene is the immense Zangief, an original World Warrior who loves to show off for the crowd at Barmaley Steelworks. A professional wrestler by trade, Zangief keeps hold of his trademark throws like the Screw Piledriver and Siberian Express, picking up new moves like the counter throw Tundra Storm. His Level 2 Super Art Cyclone Lariat and Level 3 Super Art Bolshoi Storm Buster are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Capcom PR

It appears the next generation of Street Fighter is going to learn a thing or two about grappling from the original ring rat himself. Look for Zangief and Street Fighter 6 when it launches on June 2, 2023.

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