TFT patch 14.10b is scheduled to release later today. In a meta where AP backliners are overperforming, this will restore the 4-cost balance.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch 14.10b releases later today with more changes to shake up the four-cost carry meta. In patch 14.9, Kai'sa and Syndra were the premiere backline carries, with Lee Sin and Kayn also making strong appearances. Ashe was inferior compared to her other backline AD counterpart, and Lillia suffered the same fate in comparison to her backline AP counterpart. The A-patch to remedy that imbalance did not alleviate all the issues, so the balance team wanted to address them immediately with today's B-patch.

TFT Patch 14.10b Release
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Here are all the planned changes in TFT patch 14.10b to restore four-cost carry parity that will go live at 2 p.m. PT.

What's happening in TFT patch 14.10b?

Inkshadow Kai'sa (Image via Riot Games)
Inkshadow Kai'sa (Image via Riot Games)

TFT patch 14.10b trait changes


  • Damage increased at 4 Trickshot from 50% to 55%

Patch 14.10 nerfed 4 Trickshot damage by 10%. This change, coupled with a 5 AD nerf to a standout late-game carry in Xayah, along with nerfs to a strong frontliner in Sylas, crippled the Trickshot line. In the B-patch, some power is being restored into Trickshots so they may resurface to relevancy.

TFT patch 14.10b champion changes



Mythic Lillia (Image via Riot Games)
Mythic Lillia (Image via Riot Games)
  • Small orb damage reduced from 120/180/600% AP to 110/165/600% AP

Lillia received a targeting pattern change that significantly aided her damage output. Because the consistency of her ability has improved, some damage is being reduced in order to keep her in line.


Dryad Ornn (Image via Riot Games)
Dryad Ornn (Image via Riot Games)
  • Mana pool increased from 80/120 to 80/130

Ornn has been one of the best frontliners in the game across multiple different compositions due to his tankiness and his utility. Thus, his ability to cast and create items for his teammates is being reduced slightly.


Fated Syndra (Image via Riot Games)
Fated Syndra (Image via Riot Games)
  • Ability starting butterflies reduced from 8 to 7

Syndra will now start fights with one less orb, reducing the damage at the beginning of the fight and slowing down her scaling. She was an incredibly dominant carry in patch 14.9 and the balance team saw it as a necessity to scale her back in power in the B-patch.

When does TFT patch 14.10b go live?

Expect the changes to be live very soon and don't be surprised when some of your favorite AP carries are a little weaker!

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