Sajam Tekken Slam is taking place on March 8 & 10. Here’s everything you need to know all in one place! Schedule, Players, Teams and Coaches.

The Sajam Tekken Slam will gather 24 high profile streamers to compete in a team tournament in Tekken 8, along with 6 celebrity coaches which include the likes of Justin Wong and PhiDX.

Each pro coach will hope to lead their team to victory, but should a decider be required then the coaches will enter the stage. Here's everything we know about the tournament so far, including the teams which were revealed on March 1.

When is Sajam Tekken Slam?

Sajam Tekken Slam will take place on March 8 and 10. The group stage on March 8 will be used to seed the teams, with the final tournament then taking place on March 10.

  • March 4-10: Training period
  • March 8: Group Stage (seeding round)
  • March 10: Team Tournament

Format explained

Sajam Tekken Slam will follow a team battle format with four players on each team. The unique twist is the newest or most inexperienced player on each team will play each other first, then the second most experienced will play and so on. The first team to 3 wins is victorious.

According to Sajam the most experienced player on each team is either Purple or Blue Rank, which puts them between Fujin and Bushin. However, should a team lose their opening three matches, they have lost the series and their strongest player won't get to play! Should a team be tied at 2-2, then the teams' coaches will battle for the decider.

How to watch Sajam Tekken Slam?

The Sajam Tekken Slam will be broadcast on Sajam's Twitch stream. Competing players and coaches will also stream on their own personal channels.

Sajam Tekken Slam Players

The color of the names depicts players who will face each other based on skill (e.g. Scarra vs imaqtpie)
The color of the names depicts players who will face each other based on skill (e.g. Scarra vs imaqtpie)

24 players will be joining Sajam Tekken Slam, many of which have been streaming Tekken 8 since it's launch. Scarra for example, has already streamed 75 hours of Tekken 8 on Twitch and climbed to Fujin rank (Blue). Meanwhile TFT streamer BoxBox is just on the edge of Blue rank at Battle Ruler (Purple).

Sajam Tekken Slam Teams

There will be six teams, each with four players and one coach. As mentioned earlier, each team will feature a mix of novices and more experienced players. The color around the player's name depicts which player from the opposing team they will face, so blue faces blue, red faces red etc..

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6

Here is the full list of all 24 competing players and their Team coaches:

  • Team PhiDX: Sykkuno (Blue), LilyPichu (Red), DIsguisedToast (Orange), Scarra (Green)
  • Team JoeyFury: Imaqtpie (Blue), Shiphtur (Red), Emilyywang (Orange), Robcdee (Green)
  • Team Jwong: BoxBox (Blue), Afrosenju (Red), starsmitten (Orange), connoreatspants (Green)
  • Team Brawlpro: LazyMattman (Blue), supertf (Red), slime (Orange), Coney (Green)
  • Team KawaiiFaceMiles: Rayditz (Blue), Seanic (Red), Sydeon (Orange), Porcelain Maid (Green)
  • Team Myk: Rosemi Lovelock (Blue), Kite Hasegawa (Red), Erobb (Orange), V Brightshield (Green)
An overview of the teams, players and coaches for Sajam Tekken Slam
An overview of the teams, players and coaches for Sajam Tekken Slam

How were the teams decided?

The criteria for building each team according to Sajam himself was:

  • Good vibes
  • People who knew each other (coaches & players)
  • Skill (to make teams equal)

Definitely an event to keep an eye out for if you're a Tekken 8 fan. Who wouldn't want to see former LoL Dignitas team-mates Scarra and imaqtpie go head-to-head in Tekken 8?

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