Players will have to wait a little bit longer for all future VALORANT patch notes.

VALORANT developers are changing the way they release patch notes. They will now incorporate slight delays hoping to get ahead of bugs and other issues with their updates. This will all begin with patch 9.00. Here's what you can expect from the changes and how they will affect your gameplay experience.

VALORANT players will have to adjust to new patch delays (Image via Riot Games)
VALORANT players will have to adjust to new patch delays (Image via Riot Games)

New VALORANT patch delays explained

In a June 20 post on X, VALORANT developers announced that there would be changes to the way patch notes are rolled out to the game's players. Starting with patch 9.00, you'll have to wait a day to access the patch updates and two days for new weapon skins. However, not everything will be getting pushed back.

As the post states, players will have to wait on new agents, maps, acts, rank refreshes, battle passes, and weapon skins. Meanwhile, agent adjustments and the home screen and login screen UI changes will go through immediately.

This change comes just over six weeks after the infamous Mystbloom wallhack incident, which gave players the ability to see through walls when the new skin line was released. This then led to several other issues as developers were in a rush to get things fixed in the game. VALORANT developers didn't specify why exactly these delays to patch notes are being implemented, but preventing bugs seems like a likely enough cause.

This delay will begin with patch 9.00, which will be set to release at the start of the game's next Episode on June 25. So, don't get caught off guard when the new skin bundle isn't online when you go to play at the start of it.

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