Clove is the new VALORANT Controller Agent, arriving in Episode 8 Act II with some unique after-death abilities.

Riot Games has teased Agent 25 for the last several weeks. And now, they are finally here. Introducing Clove, VALORANT's newest Controller Agent. Take a look at their design, the abilities they have at their disposal, and when you can play them.

An official look at the newest VALORANT Agent

Official Clove artwork (Image via Riot Games)
Official Clove artwork (Image via Riot Games)

Clove joins the list of VALORANT Controllers alongside Omen, Brimstone, Viper, Astra, and Harbor. Per Riot, this is the new Agent's description:

"Scottish troublemaker Clove makes mischief for enemies in both the heat of combat and the cold of death. The young immortal keeps foes guessing, even from beyond the grave, their return to the living only ever a moment away."

With a purple color-scheme, bright and lively abilities are their specialty.

Clove VALORANT Agent abilities

Clove's Ability icons in VALORANT (Image via Riot Games)
Clove's Ability icons in VALORANT (Image via Riot Games)

Like every other VALORANT Agent, Clove has three main abilities and then an Ultimate. They are as follows:

  • Ruse (E): EQUIP to view the battlefield. FIRE to set the locations where Clove’s clouds will settle. ALT FIRE to confirm, launching clouds that block vision in the chosen areas. Clove can use this ability after death.
  • Meddle (Q): EQUIP a fragment of immortality essence. FIRE to throw the fragment, which erupts after a short delay and temporarily decays all targets caught inside.
  • Pick-Me-Up (C): INSTANTLY absorb the life force of a fallen enemy that Clove damaged or killed, gaining haste and temporary health.
  • Not Dead Yet (X / ULT): After dying, ACTIVATE to resurrect. Once resurrected, Clove must earn a kill or a damaging assist within a set time or they will die.

Clove is the first Agent in VALORANT's short history to have ability usage after death. That's going to be a massive game changer, and you can watch the VALORANT Masters Madrid Showmatch for the full reveal and to see Clove in action for the first time.

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What is Clove's release date in VALORANT?

With Clove's official announcement, we now know when the new VALORANT Agent arrives. Episode 8 Act II started on March 5, but did not see the release of a new character in the Riot Games first-person shooter.

Instead, Clove joins the Agent roster partway through this VALORANT Act. When the update takes place on March 26, 2024, Clove becomes available to play. Purchase them outright or complete the Agent Recruitment Event to unlock them.

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