Evil Geniuses GC vs Team Liquid Brazil Game Changers Championship 2023: Daiki lead TL to victory against EG. cover image

Evil Geniuses GC vs Team Liquid Brazil Game Changers Championship 2023: Daiki lead TL to victory against EG.

Follow along for the highlights of the Evil Geniuses GC and Team Liquid Brazil match.

It's Evil Geniuses GC vs Team Liquid Brazil to kick off Day 3 of the 2023 Game Changers Championship. Both sides find themselves facing an early exit from Sao Paulo. Will the hometown heroes find their footing in this tournament or will NA's number-one seed spoil the party? Find out with us as we look to bring you all of the live scores and updates throughout this exciting matchup.

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Evil Geniuses GC (EG)
Team Liquid Brazil (TL)
Split (10 - 13)
Ascent (6 - 13)
(0 - 2)
Final scores for the Evil Geniuses GC vs Team Liquid Brazil 2023 Game Changers Championship

Can the Sao Paulo crowd help Team Liquid across the finish line against EG?

Team Liquid Brazil find themselves in quite a rough spot coming into this match. Although they had the support of the crowd, Liquid were unable to overcome the sheer quality of G2 Gozen in their previous match. Now, the hometown heroes find themselves staring down an early exit.

They did show plenty of promise in that 2-0 loss, especially on Map 1 which they were able to push into overtime. However, if they are to get themselves back on track, they are going to need to step things up in the kills department. Luckily, they will have the Sao Paulo crowd in their corner once more to give them an extra boost.

Evil Geniuses had the misfortune of finding themselves on the wrong end of an iconic moment in their previous match with SMG where the APAC side brought out a quad-duelist composition. They were a little better in the second map of that match, but really struggled to gain any semblance of control.

Their new duelist Nora will certainly be hoping for a much better performance as she struggled to make much of an impact on her debut. But if she and the rest of this side can get off to a strong start today, then perhaps we will finally catch a glimpse of the team which pipped Shopify Rebellion to NA's number-one seed at this tournament.

Evil Geniuses GC VALORANT roster

Evil Geniuses GC players (Image via Evil Geniuses GC)
Evil Geniuses GC players (Image via Evil Geniuses GC)
  • Melisa "Theia" Mundorff
  • PowerPixele
  • Lorrian "Lorri" Elad
  • StarBound
  • Nora

Team Liquid Brazil VALORANT roster

Team Liquid Brazil players (Image via Team Liquid Brazil)
Team Liquid Brazil players (Image via Team Liquid Brazil)
  • Natalia "daiki" Vilela (IGL)
  • Vitoria "bizerra" Viera
  • Paula "bstrdd" Naguil
  • Leticia "Joojina" Paiva
  • Isabeli "isaa" Esser

Daiki and Joojina come out swinging for TL on Split

We head over to Team Liquid's map pick Split to begin this match. Both teams opt to go with double-controller compositions, with the key difference coming in the Sentinel department; with TL's Bizerra picking Killjoy and EG's Starbound bringing out Cypher.

Evil Geniuses take the opening pistol round, but suffer an early setback as Team Liquid pull off an early thrifty. The Brazilians take full advantage of the gift they were given as they set about building a strong lead on their defense. With Daiki and BSTRDD heating up early on the kills front, and Joojina coming up with some absurd moments. EG continues to struggle on their offense with TL continuously reading into their mid-round calls. However, the North Americans manage to recover well-enough to tighten the score up at 7 - 5 going into halftime.

Starbound and Powerpixele clutch up in a 2 v 2 to give EG the second pistol round. They take care of business in their anti-eco but falter in the bonus round which allows TL to maintain their lead. Liquid hit the 10 point mark with Joojina pulling off another incredible multi-kill. But EG draw level with them once more as Starbound and Lorri prove to be the difference makers for the side on defense. Nevertheless Team Liquid are able to reach map point after a quick adjustment in tempo. And in the end there was little Evil Geniuses could do to stop them. Leaving the Brazilians to close out Split 13 - 10 and take a well-deserved 1 - 0 lead in the series.

Daiki leads from the front on Ascent

After a solid performance on Split Team Liquid Brazil stroll over to Ascent for map 2 of this series. And we are presented with a mirror match with both sides opting to use the standard double-initiator comp.

Evil Geniuses win the opening pistol as well as their anti-eco as they get off to better start to life on Ascent. Team Liquid convert in the anti-bonus and though they barely lose the first rifle round, another incredible display from Joojina enables them to snatch the lead away from EG. They begin to build up their lead, with Daiki and Bstrdd coming up with an improbable defuse play. And though EG are able to notch a few more rounds of their own, with some help from the clock, Team Liquid's impeccable coordination on their retakes proved to be a difference maker. Which enables the Brazilians to take an 8 - 4 lead into halftime.

TL come up with the second pistol as well as an anti-eco to hit double-digits on Ascent. EG manage to convert in the anti-bonus followed by an huge clutch from Starbound to try and keep themselves alive in this series. But another strong showing from Liquid's IGL Daiki gets her team up to match point. And with one last clutch play from Joojina, Team Liquid Brazil close out Ascent 13 - 6 and win the series 2 - 0 to delight the Sao Paulo crowd.

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