With the regular season of each VCT International League complete, let’s take a look at the most-picked Agent from each category.

All three International Leagues of 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour have finished their regular season. That allows us to take a look at the current meta and see how it may continue into the playoffs, Masters Tokyo, and Champions. There are quite a few similarities across the three regions when it comes to the most-picked Agents of the VCT.

There are subtle differences across the leagues, but you'll find that competitive VALORANT teams are taking advantage of nearly the same Agents and compositions in every corner of the world. It definitely proves that there is a defined meta in this first portion of the game's partnership era.

Most-picked Agents in VCT Americas

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
  • Controller: Viper (58%)
  • Duelist: Jett (70%)
  • Initiator: Skye (63%)
  • Sentinel: Killjoy (76%)

The most-played map in the VCT Americas regular season was Pearl. The most-picked Agent of the league, Killjoy, was chosen 95% of the time on that map. The second most-picked Sentinel Agent was Sage, at an 8% pick-rate. It is safe to say Killjoy dominated.

The meta also shifted to a double-wall composition. Viper became much more prominent with the addition of Harbor. They work in tandem on a lot of maps, but Viper is clearly more important to teams' success. Then it is no surprise that Jett and Skye top the Duelist and Initiator roles, respectively.

Most-picked Agents in VCT EMEA

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
  • Controller: Omen (63%)
  • Duelist: Jett (60%)
  • Initiator: KAY/O (34%)
  • Sentinel: Killjoy (62%)

EMEA's most-picked Agents for the 2023 VCT regular season shift a bit from Americas. Jett is still the primary Duelist and Killjoy ranks highly for the Sentinels. Viper and Skye are not at the top, however. They are replaced with Omen and KAY/O.

Viper has a 46% pick-rate, which is quite far from Omen. And while KAY/O is the highest picked Initiator, Sova and Skye are at 33% and Breach is at 29%. This could be due to Pearl having the second lowest pick-rate for maps in VCT EMEA. The useful Agents in a region can completely change because of that.

Most-picked Agents in VCT Pacific

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
  • Controller: Omen (42%)
  • Duelist: Jett (69%)
  • Initiator: Skye (46%)
  • Sentinel: Killjoy (69%)

VCT Pacific is much more like VCT Americas, but the players do prefer Omen over Viper. The difference is much closer here, though, as Viper was chosen 38% of the time. Then, of course, Jett reigns supreme and Killjoy is there to lockdown.

Again, this could be due to map selection. Haven was picked most, though Pearl was not far behind. Still, some Agents just seem to work no matter where the series ends up. At one point, every region seemed to have its own meta and play style. Now, it feels like things are more uniform across the entirety of VALORANT.

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All data gathered from VLR.