Ahead of VCT Game Changers APAC Open 2, team Orangutan X have signed three new players and an assistant coach.

Orangutan X, the VALORANT Game Changers roster of the organization has signed three new players after their second place finish in VCT Game Changers APAC Open 1. They have signed three new players — Anrionel “Twirly” Cajanding, Elmarian “Erumaa” Haessel, and Emily “Emi” Lauw — as well as an assistant coach.

Orangutan X's team history

Team Orangutan X stormed into the Game Changers scene in 2022 ahead of Open 2 and finished the year in the top six. They made some changes ahead of this year, with IGL/duelist main Swayambika 'Sway' Sachhar stepping into a content creator role for the organization due to IRL commitments. After their 0-3 loss to Team SMG in the finals of 2023 VCT GC Open 1, the organization has released two of their players — Capricious and Zini. Chloe "Chloettw" Wong is also stepping into the substitute role.

In turn, the organization has signed three new players. Twirly is probably the most well-known of the three: she was a powerhouse when she played for Bren Victress' Game Changers team. Erumaa has also been a mainstay of the APAC Game Changers scene, playing for team Bigg Scythe as their sentinel player.

Finally, for the final piece, the organization went all the way to Australia where they scouted out Emi. Emi has experience playing with both Game Changer teams and as a part of co-ed teams. She played with The Who? at Dreamhack Showdown, one of the OFF//SEASON events and the roster placed third at the event.

Aside from their player changes, Orangutan X have also signed a new assistant coach: Jaden “SAB3R5k” Bryant. SAB3R5k has worked with teams like Into The Breach Protocol, CRWNsports, and Sovereign as head coach in the past. His multi-regional experience joins Orangutan's multinational roster as they look to win in Open 2.

Of the original Orangutan roster, only Neha "Casper" Sottany and Jefferlynne “Japips” Hernandez remain. The organization will take part with the new roster in VCT APAC Game Changers Open 2. They have already won their first game in the Swiss Stage.

Team Orangutan X is now:

  • Neha “CaspeR” Sottany
  • Jefferlynne “Japips” Hernandez
  • Anrionel “Twirly” Cajanding
  • Elmarian “Erumaa” Haessel
  • Emily “Emi” Lauw
  • Asad “GuNNeR” Azam (Coach)
  • Jaden “SAB3R5k” Bryant (Assistant coach)