VALORANT Premier is onto its next Act, and we’ve got the schedule so you know when your team needs to be ready to play.

Premier has been a success with frequent updates by Riot Games. It allows teams to compete right within the client and provides a path to pro. Each VALORANT Act has its own Premier schedule, and you could win your way into VCT Challengers through the mode.

We're continuing through 2024 and are moving on to Episode 9 Act 1. That brings some updates to VALORANT Premier, and a new schedule for teams to prepare for. Only the best of the best will make it through their Division and be crowned the Playoffs victors.

What is new in Premier for Episode 9 Act 1?

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

The overall premise of VALORANT Premier remains the same, but some aspects have changed. Here is each big tweak to the competitive mode:

  • The Invite Division goes live, giving players a chance to make a Challengers League
  • Only Contender eligible players can join a Contender or Invite team
  • Two match times per week, with the queue opening up 15 minutes prior
  • Strict rematch protection, a Bye if a match is not found, and zero points awarded for a loss

VALORANT Premier schedule

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With a full roster in place, you can play in VALORANT Premier Episode 9 Act 1. From the mode's section inside of the game, you'll see the dates for your matches. Be sure to check the match times for your specific time zone.

Here is the VALORANT Premier schedule for E9A1, in which each team can play a maximum of two games per map:

  • Week 1: June 27 - 30 on Lotus
  • Week 2: July 3 - 7 on Bind
  • Week 3: July 10 - 14 on Haven
  • Week 4: July 17 - 21 on Icebox
  • Week 5: July 24 - 28 on Sunset
  • Week 6: July 31 - August 4 on Abyss
  • Week 7: August 7 -10 on Ascent
  • Playoff Tournament: August 11

There's no better time to hone your skills than now, as Episode 9 Act 1 is the first instance of VALORANT Premier to create a path to pro. Get your team and see if you can make it to the top of your Division. Good luck, have fun!

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