New Night Elf capital, Bel’ameth, coming in WoW patch 10.2.5 cover image

New Night Elf capital, Bel’ameth, coming in WoW patch 10.2.5

Try not to burn this one down, Sylvanas.

There's a new Night Elf capital city coming in the next World of Warcraft patch. Well, let's try and keep Sylvanas Windrunner away from this one, eh?

Revealed in this week's PTR update is the continuing evolution and future for the faction. Without a home since a certain undead faction leader burnt the last one down in Battle For Azeroth, the new Night Elf Capital called Bel'ameth will manifest into Azeroth soon enough.

This will be the second Alliance faction to get a new capital in the next update, with the Gilneans attempting to take back their own gloomy home.

New Night Elf Capital in patch 10.2.5 - Bel'ameth

Bel'ameth is set to be located on the Dragon Isles, off the western coast of the continent. It's actually going to be where the current Emerald Dream zone technically sits, in that circular bay off the side of the Plains. With the defeat of Fyrakk and the blossoming of a new World Tree in Amirdrassil, the new Night Elf Capital rises from the Dream itself.

There's a few interesting points about Bel'ameth, including that it has its own portal area. It appears the portals lead to specific Night Elf-adjacent areas, including Stormwind, Darkshore, Hyjal and Val'sharah on the Broken Shore.

Another interesting pitstop is an area of the new Night Elf capital dedicated to the misfit classes. Called the Twilight Watchtower, there's an area full of Demon Hunters, Death Knights, Dark Rangers, and members of the Shen'dralar. As we approach the WorldSoul Saga and an elf-themed second expansion in World of Warcraft: Midnight, it's interesting to see the various aspects of being an Azeroth elf somewhat congeal.

It's long overdue for the Night Elves to have a home of their own again. After all, you can only couch surf in Stormwind for so long. Don't be that dude, dude. You can explore the capital of Bel'ameth for yourself when patch 10.2.5 launches early next year.

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