XDefiant’s release begins with a Preseason rather than Season 1, allowing players to get up to speed with everything it has to offer.

XDefiant has revealed its long awaited release date, and with it comes a look at the game's Preseason. Upon launch, Season 1 is six weeks out. That's right, the Preseason period lasts about a month-and-a-half before the real content starts pouring in.

After multiple beta periods and server tests, the game is ready for players. And it is perfect timing, releasing just before a lot of gamers across the world go on summer break from school. They'll have plenty of opportunity to dive in.

Let's take a look at what the XDefiant Preseason will deliver come May 21.

Everything to expect from the XDefiant Preseason

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

Per Ubisoft, the Preseason will include content from the final Server Test Session that occurred at the start of April. In addition, a new Faction becomes available at launch by either unlocking it or outright purchasing it.

Here's what is available:

  • Factions
    • Echelon
    • Phantoms
    • Cleaners
    • Libertad
    • Dedsec (Unlockable)
  • Maps (10 Arena and 4 Progression)
    • Arena
    • Attica Heights
    • Dumbo
    • Echelon HQ
    • Emporium
    • Liberty
    • Mayday          
    • Meltdown      
    • Midway          
    • Nudleplex       
    • Pueblito         
    • Showtime
    • Times Square 
    • Zoo
  • Modes (3 Arena and 2 Progression)
    • Domination
    • Hot Shot
    • Occupy
    • Escort
    • Zone Control
  • Ranked Mode Practice Playlist
    • 4v4 practice for the upcoming ranked mode with four game modes
      • Domination
      • Occupy
      • Escort
      • Zone Control

Ubisoft also notes that all Server Test Session and Insider Session rewards that were earned will be given to players when the XDefiant Preseason starts. You'll probably just have to load into the game with the same account and they'll be waiting for you.

It is also important to note that there are 24 weapons available upon launch. Those 24 weapons come with 44 attachments among them, allowing you to customize your favorites to create the best loadouts in the game.

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