The young gun’s Major debut was a standout despite being cut short.

All eyes were on Team Spirit star rifler Danil "donk" Kryshkovets at the Copenhagen Major, and he performed despite sky-high expectations. Team Spirit barreled through the elimination stage with wins over Cloud9, Imperial, and Natus Vincere for a guaranteed top-eight. However, the rising stars would ultimately fall 1-2 to FaZe in the quarterfinals.

Despite the early but respectable exit, donk leaves as the fifth-highest-ranked player of the event with an HLTV rating of 1.35 across eight maps. The stats paint him as an absolute monster, with a phenomenal performance in nearly every area. However, the single area where he lacks may have been what cost Spirit a higher place.

Here’s the rough breakdown of donk’s performance at the Copenhagen Major after 191 rounds of play.

  • 58.1% headshot rate
  • 1.33 KD ratio
  • 94.6 damage per round
  • .9 kills per round
  • 2-1 in the clutch
  • 50% 1v1 win rate (1)
  • 100% 1v2 win rate (1)
  • 2 four-kills
  • 11 three-kills
  • 38 two-kills
The Copenhagen Major crowd showed tons of love for donk (Image via PGL)
The Copenhagen Major crowd showed tons of love for donk (Image via PGL)

58.1% is among the highest headshot rates for any entry fragger. While mostly known for sprays, donk’s precision is what earns him a 1.19 entry rating. Thanks to his uncanny ability to convert one kill into multiple, Spirit boasts a 70% round win rate when donk lands the entry. Multiple rounds started and ended with one well-timed swing, often supported by Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov or Boris "magixx" Vorobyev.

And yet, donk’s standout stat is his multikill rate. The 17-year-old scored more than one frag in 26.7% of all rounds played, a statistical anomaly at the top level. Many of those kills were in quick succession, a testament to his incredible spray control. donk’s ability to stonewall site takes makes Spirit’s CT side stand out from the crowd. The team averaged a 59.1% CT win rate in Demark across its four maps. However, the team’s less-successful T side contributes to donk’s lone disappointing metric.

DPR was donk’s Achilles Heel at the Copenhagen Major

donk’s .68 deaths per round is on the higher end among entry fraggers. This is arguably the single blemish on his otherwise impeccable stat line.

This is also reflected in his clutch numbers. It is incredibly rare for donk to be the last man standing for Spirit, and this was especially true at the Copenhagen Major. He had only four opportunities in the clutch. donk is solid once he’s in that position, but his abilities may be underutilized.

This is likely an intentional choice by IGL magixx. Sending donk in first to create a 5v4 or 4v3 situation is likely more consistent than saving him for the Hail Mary. Spirit already has a solid anchor in Myroslav "zont1x" Plakhotja, who went 4-0 in clutches including a triple against Cloud9 on Ancient. 

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