After a decade of waiting, fans are dreaming big.

Few fanbases have had to wait longer for a game than those of us who grew up with the NCAA Football games from EA Sports. But, a decade since its last iteration, players are rejoicing as College Football 25 nears its Summer 2024 release. Here are just a few new features that the patient fans, and this author, want to see on the digital gridiron this summer.

#1: A creative and robust teambuilder mode

In games past, there has always been some sort of teambuilder mode for those who don't want the traditional experience with a storied franchise. This mode allows players to express their creative side, customizing jerseys, players, mascots, stadium settings, and so much more. The sky truly was the limit.

In EA Sports College Football 25, fans are desperately hoping for a return of something that can scratch this artistic itch. And if this reboot is going to be a true and welcomed success, it will need one.

#2: A non-repetitive broadcast experience

When players are fielding the exact same team against the same conference rivals every season, these games can already begin to feel redundant enough. Pair that with the same few broadcast elements, pre-game routines, and casting duo; you've got a very monotonous experience. Lucky for fans, it already appears this feature is being catered to.

In a recent interview on The Pat McAfee Show, college football legend and broadcaster, Kirk Herbstreit, confirmed that there will be multiple different sets of casters in the new game.

He described the process as "tedious" which could imply that he's having to go through an even greater multitude of different situations and moments that players may find themselves in. Hopefully, that leads to a new and refreshing experience each time your team takes the field.

#3: Compelling off-field gameplay

Building a compelling sports game so often boils down to what the game is able to do outside of the field of play. For the 2K basketball franchise, this has become a social area where player's avatars can run around and see one another's swag - for better or for worse.

Will College Football 25 have a similar Road to Glory mode where players can interact with their university in more ways than just making the big play? So far, there hasn't been any indication of this, but introducing an element like this to the franchise would undoubtedly make a huge splash.

#4: A blend of storied traditions and absolute wackiness

Image Courtesy of Jeremy Reper / USA Today
Image Courtesy of Jeremy Reper / USA Today

One of the beauties of college football is the dichotomy that exists between the timeless traditions of the sport and the wacky antics that come with it placing college students in the spotlight. That tension has always made for some of the most explosive and exciting moments in the sport and has kept fans interested all of these years later.

It should be a welcomed sign to excited fans that the Heisman Trophy and the ceremony that goes along with it are in the game, but what about the edible Pop-Tarts logo? Will there be a mascot vs mascot game mode like in years past?

These are burning questions (at least for me) and will play heavily into the tone and feel of the game, which should seek to, at times, not take itself too seriously.

#5: NIL & the transfer portal in College Football 25

Dillon Gabriel, a 2024 transfer to Oregon University. Image Courtesy of AP Photo/Alonzo Adams
Dillon Gabriel, a 2024 transfer to Oregon University. Image Courtesy of AP Photo/Alonzo Adams

Last, but certainly not least, is NIL and the transfer portal. Changes to these elements of the sport make it near-unrecognizable from what it was in 2014 when the last iteration of the franchise was released. If we are going to play a modern and true-to-life college football video game, it ought to have these features included prominently.

Building a strong dynasty with a smaller school while having to incentivize your star QB to stick around sounds like a whole new challenge that fans would embrace, despite the difficulty it might add. There are so many other possibilities like this one that would add depth and a refreshing feel to the franchise reboot.

So, there you have it, five new features we think should appear in EA Sports College Football 25. Check back with us here at to stay up-to-date on all the latest news on this new release and others coming up.