Track GPMs, KDAs, BLD, and plenty of other acronyms live.

Finding pro stats for Dota 2 can be difficult, but a handful of sites have stepped up to answer the call, one of these is is a live Dota 2 stats site designed to be the ultimate companion for esports fans.

An old saying in the Dota 2 community is that the reward for learning to play is getting to watch pro games, and stats are more than half the fun. Whether it's watching Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk go Godlike on Morphling or tracking Erik "tOfu" Engel’s vision skills, the numbers tell a story like no other. However, sites like Dotabuff and Liquipedia can only go so far. tracks live and upcoming Dota 2 matches tracks live and upcoming Dota 2 matches

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What is is a stat companion for Dota 2 esports, showing all the important stats live from pro games as they unfold.’s premier feature is its live stats service, which allows users to check the stats of a game as it unfolds live. It can be frustrating to catch only a glimpse of the leaderboard before the observer stows it away. The live match section shows everything from XPM to creep score to items faster than a stream ever will. Every player’s win rate on their hero is displayed along with the number of games played. even shows everyone’s matchmaking rank so you can see just how MMR is really in the server.

All these stats are updated live as games progress (Image via CyberScore)
All these stats are updated live as games progress (Image via CyberScore)

The ultimate Dota 2 tournament companion

Of course, live stats are only interesting in the grand scope of a tournament. maintains an information page for Dota 2 tournaments with teams participating, standings, match times, and more. The site also has integrated streams, so there’s no need to keep multiple tabs open. The site is comfortable to use either as your main tournament stream or on a second monitor to keep tabs on the action. There's even a spoiler-free mode for fans to catch up on a past event.

The tournament page includes standing, brackets, and even tiebreaker rules (Image via CyberScore)
The tournament page includes standing, brackets, and even tiebreaker rules (Image via CyberScore) can also help you keep tabs on your favorite team. The website has a page for every Dota 2 stack that plays in tournaments, including those on the tier-two circuit. Check every team’s favorite heroes, matchup history, next game, and more all on one page. is a powerful tool for Dota 2 stats junkies and casual fans alike.

Lastly, and most importantly to some, collects key stats for teams based on previous performances. These metrics include how often teams get first blood, how fast they destroy their first building, and how often they kill Roshan. It's difficult to manually research those stats, but makes it easy.

Here's a list of other features that offers.

  • First blood
  • First team to 10 kills
  • First tower kill
  • Gold advantage
  • Roshan timer
  • Tower status

Is legit? is a free Dota 2 stats website that is 100% legit and safe to use.

The stats service is completely free, and while users can create an account, all stats are available to everyone without logging in. As for its speed, the site pulls stats directly from the game, so it often updates faster than the official stream.

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