Riot has announced that LOUD’s star Duelist aspas has tested positive for COVID-19. He will play from an isolated room during playoffs.

According to a statement tweeted out from the main VALORANT Esports account, Alex Francois, the Global Head of Competitive Valorant Operations, stated that LOUD's Erick "aspas" Santos will have the option of competing but from an isolated room.

Shortly after the announcementn LOUD's star Duelist main aspas tweeted he was the player that had tested positive.

A COVID world

Much like the Nabil "Nivera" Benrlitom situation at a previous Masters event, Riot pivoted from disallowing aspas from competing and gave him the option of playing from a remote location. In a COVID world, Riot is keeping the tournament running smooth despite all the external variables.

Thankfully, aspas is asymptomatic and has received three doses of the vaccine, according to his teammate Gustavo "Sacy" Rossi. The rest of the LOUD roster tested negative and will be able to play on the main stage during playoffs, according to their official twitter.

The Impact on LOUD and aspas

In terms of impact on LOUD's performance, it shouldn't be a major factor. Aspas won't be able to feed off the energy of the room, but that's not necessarily a negative. Reykjavík will be his first International LAN event and playing from an isolated room could mimic his environment back in Brazil.

Either way, Riot finding a workable solution here that allows aspas to play avoids a horrible situation. It would have been a miserable loss for a talented player to miss out on an event of this caliber. Especially when considering aspas and LOUD's recent form as one of the hottest teams entering the event.

LOUD are scheduled to play on on April 14th or 15th but the schedule is subject to change.

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