How to get the exclusive Halo Death Hex weapon skin drops

Wondering how you can get your hands on the new ‘Death Hex’ skins releasing in Halo for free? We got you covered.

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HCS Year 2 roadmap announced: Includes OpTic Gaming Major

More team funded events as HCS moves into year 2.

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Microsoft studio 343 Industries to continue making Halo titles despite recent layoffs

While Halo is one of Microsoft’s most prized IPs, recent layoffs at 343 Industries caused rumors that future games would be made by third-party studios.

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343 Industries addresses rumors that the studio is no longer making Halo

343 Industries has confirmed that will continue as the developers of the Halo franchise, despite rumors of the contrary.

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Oreo Halo Infinite skin available for cookie lovers only

The Oreo Halo Infinite skin is now available. However, there’s one big and unexpected catch.

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Halo Forge is live and the community is going wild with ideas

The latest Halo Infinite update added one of the most exciting features with Forge beta and we’re already seeing some excellent community maps.

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Snip3down retires from competitive Halo

Legendary Halo player Snip3down has retired from competitive Halo following the Halo World Championship 2022.

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Halo World Championship 2022 schedule: OpTic Gaming wins Halo World Championship 2022 after 4-0 win over Cloud9

Regular updates for the 2022 Halo World Championship. Bookmark this!

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